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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hot Tubbing - Jennie (LG15)


I couldn't NOT post this!! :) - Jennie

Music: "The Line" by Something For Rockets

Hot Tub Hookup!

Jonas and Jennie on LGPedia <---needs your help to fill in the blanks ~Screen shot by Zoey Hot Tubbing - Jennie (LG15) on LGPedia.

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  1. Two things....

    1. Was I the only one yelling "STAY AWAY, HE'S MINE YOU WHORE!" as the music started to swell and it was obvious they were going to kiss?

    2. So um, how do I get a job as a lead on LG15? Because it seems if I can bag that job, I have about a 73% chance of getting to makeout with Yousef or Jackson.

    Good video. I hate Jennie, but she plays a good drunk.

  2. Am I the only one that thought Jonas looked awkward kissing Jenny. Maybe it was just the lighting.... His kiss with Bree looked much more natural.

  3. lol konstantine, I secound that!

    Cute... and nice to be free of the drama. But I think this will be one of those "oops.. we were sooo drunk and that didn't mean anything" moments. Maybe the weirdness was related to them both being drunk? Nice acting guys. :)

  4. "oooopsieeee..."



  5. Was i the only one yelling 'OH NO NOT ANOTHER BEER BATH!'

  6. Oh noes. LG15 is going 1/4 life on us!

  7. Melanie was great in this video - very natural acting and just entertaining to watch... and a relief to have videos like the last two where the characters are interacting without all the yelling.

  8. Im pretty sure Jonas was sober... didn't she say that?

  9. Rule #378 of the Breeniverse: cameras float on water... and can slowly shift if they don't have the perfect shot.

  10. ew.. okay, don't like jennie. bree was still here 6 months ago, that's not that long when you're getting over someone who died....??? although i have to say that jennie's acting was great, and she was entertaining. but no.. i wish this didn't happen :(

  11. I like Jennie and have from the beginning. I think the acting from both of them was really good. The pacing for their romantic feelings has felt really natural to me. Jonas is only human and is bound to have feelings, weather or not he is still in mourning. And as far as that is concerned the mourning period must be just about over for him considering the length of he and Bree's relationship.

    I say back off the Jennie+Jonas bashing because it is a good move emotionally for both of these characters and for the plot line.

    two thumbs up!

  12. Well, I suppose we were due for something like this... It IS Friday, after all. ;-)

  13. Exactly how much beer did Daniel buy?


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