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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I've got mail - Gregory Atkins (RE88)

I'm not sure why I posted this. Maybe this blog thing is catching on with me. Maybe I'm an egomaniac. That's certainly how I feel. Rachel's screen name is Redearth. A little trivia there for the masses


Glenn asked the "Red Army" to help promote this video. This is why the video has been scheduled for a specific time/release date. If you participate significantly in the comments for this video you become eligible for a custom RedEarth88 "end tag". If you have already participated you will receive a bonus "end tag".

RE88 Universe on LGPEDIA.

I've got mail - Gregory Atkins (Maddison Atkins) on LGPedia.

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  1. So this confirms that Maddison was going to be rachel's roomie.
    I'm curious to who this "rock star" is that he talks about.

  2. video no longer available

  3. Nooooo. :( Where did the video go??

  4. I was told to clear cache and cookies and restart the browser. That worked for me!

  5. Now it's working. Yaaayy!

  6. Is he referring to Adam as Mr. Rockstar? Hm... I guess the long hair would make him sort of rock star like...

  7. No, cause he referred to Adam as Adam in the past.

    The rock star has to be the guy she was into.. and if my theory is correct the guy Rachel was dating..

    JORDAN. Remember, Jordan got around.

    I have a feeling that is how Rachel and Maddison met- or at least something like that.

  8. Maybe the "Rock Star" is another clue as to the identity of "Mr. Zipp"

    Zipp Guitars...

    In any case, Adam Lamar might be a good person to ask about a musician in Nacogdoches, or Mr. Atkins might know the "Rock Star's" name.

  9. So Rachel has no idea what happened to Madison?

  10. She says in one of her videos... forgot which one exactly ... what happened with her roommate was "a long story". So maybe she did know? After all they went to college together.

    Hm.. Jordan. That makes sense.


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