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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I've Never Done This Before - Gina (LG15)

My first video ever, and it's a complete bust. - Gina


  1. Daniel is totally hitting on Gina!

  2. I see at least two potential triangular relationships here, both involving Gina and boys who want her to be Bree. Daniel seems to be trying to see Bree in Gina. Maybe a future "Dogfight" video between Jonas and Daniel over "Breena"?

  3. And surprisingly Gina doesn't have dirty feet!

  4. I love Crystal/Gina.

    And I love the Bree-ness of this vid :) Made me smile so so much

  5. I agree, this video is very Bree like and that alone makes it awesome!

    I think the C's did an excellent job of finding someone who looked similar enough to Jess to play her sister.

    Go Gina!

  6. She looks too young to be Bree's OLDER sister IMO.

  7. retro is right with that one...but whatever. She's been in captivity. Either way, ... Daniel is such a playa!

  8. I love Gina!! DB is an idot for flirting with her so much. She lived her life in a hospital, give the girl a break.

    I think she kinda looks like 19/20. It more believable that Gina is around that age then Emma being 15. That's so unbelievable.

  9. wow.. I love Gina and I agree that there is so much of Bree in her. But she's more reserved and not as... silly? I agree that the love triangle is a strong possibility. I loved this video. :)

  10. I <3 Gina, I <3 this vid..kina like old times. C'mon guys give her more time to come out of her shell :)


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