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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fuzzy Madness Part 2!

The Free the Fuzzy movement continues to heat up...

I dun no how long I can keep these up... - anonymouse61806

Mister Deagol-Human-sir,
You feel into there trap, sir. They meant to get a Human with a berry big brain to figger out that last video. #6 said he knew it wuld be you, sir. You did the rite thing. If you haden't closed this e-mail, they would have gotten to scare more Human-people and recruit more angry Stuffies. I dun want to see any of the nice Humans to get hurt, sir. Which is why I uplode this video to YouTube. #6 sez yur just a pawn, Mr. Deagol-Human-sir, but I think yer a leader, sir. You have to find the other ones. Before it's too late.
I understood if you are too scared, sir. If you are, please find somune else to help me. The nice-Humans don't have much time. They could use yer berry big brain, sir. Pleazes to help?

NOTE: One of the mice, who is going by the name "Junior", posted in the comments: "Hi! I am Junior, one of the anonymouse. The others are no good wit online things. But I am. They make me post the YourTube video. They tell me how to spell and what to right to you. They don't even no how to use YourTube, so I can post this video without them knoing, but not four long. They first tell me that this videos would only be to tell the Earth that some Stuffies are treated not nice. Now they talk about hurting nice-friend-Humans. I need help! I'll be on here tomorrow round Five PM Specific Time/Eight PM Easter Time to tell you nice-Humans more. By!"

He may not be much of a speller, but he could be the only hope we have of figuring this whole thing out before March 3rd, or the Ides of S.T.A.R.C.H., as some are calling it.

Deagol then responded to anonymouse...

A-Z Atonality Scanner. Shit!

Add 'A'

Ongoing Puzzle: We guess this to mean we now have to figure out the "A" in S.T.A.R.C.H. Based upon previous puzzle solves (thanks stevemedico, GregGallows, and lonelyjewfifteen for helping me with the solves), we now know that S = Secure and T = Torture. Can you help with A? Peace between Fuzzies and Humans may depend on it!


  1. would A not be Analyze ? mabye ?

    since he is analyzing the spectrum ?

    but im shit with puzzles so its probably wayyyy more complicated than that =D

  2. interesting suggestion you wish, in light of the solve found in the YT comments. so, if that's not the answer, why is it a hint?


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