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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jakki Jandrell in Closer - A Review by Jenni Powell

Myself, Mike Frankson, and Kira had the pleasure of catching the preview showing of the LA production of Closer starring Jakki Jandrell. We were greeted at the theater when we arrived by the assistant stage manager who informed us that they'd actually cancelled the public performance due to some crew issues. But he and the director, Vince Duque, invited us to stay anyway and witness their final dress rehearsal. They also invited us to come back to any other show we wanted during the run as well as bring one guest each (details on what we plan to do with these free extra tickets will be coming soon...).

The show was magnificent. I can't speak for my fellow watchers, but I can say that I was transfixed for the entire show. The cast worked together brilliantly, it's as if they were meant to be these four people affecting each other's lives in some of the most dramatic ways. Jakki was riveting. She played the role of Alice, a pathological lying, vagabond stripper who crosses the path of Dan (by way of a car which crashes into her). Neither of their lives are the same. Especially when you throw a professional photographer named Anna and a dermatologist named Larry into the mix.

After the show, we were invited by the cast and crew to join them for drinks. They all listened intently as we gave our feedback on the show, with Vince making copious notes in a series of notebooks he keeps with him. It is not often that a production is that open to feedback and it made us feel like we really could make a difference in the production. Not that they need much work. In addition to the stellar performances, the set and wardrobe design meshed perfectly and the use of lights and sound brought the entire production to an extremely high level of professionalism and emotionality.

I wish nothing but the whole-hearted success of this show. If you are in the LA area, I urge you to go and see it. And just to throw something in for the LonelyGirl fans...you will see more of Gemma than you had ever anticipated. Keep in mind that there are extreme adult themes in this show, so it may not be appropriate for all age groups.

Stay tuned here and on BreeFM for more of our Closer reactions and commentary.

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  1. So, Jenni Powell finally admits she's a watcher.

  2. Hahahahaha!

    Anonymous, you are so precious.

    And I admit nothing...maybe I just hang out with watchers. And, you know, date them and stuff. ;)

    Besides...you'd become a watcher too, for that view...

  3. WOW! Lucky! I really want to see this. Fuck, I thought it was a movie until I read the review. I'm so sad. =( Jackie looks beautiful with the longer hair.

  4. I wonder if the producers would allow a few short clips of video to be taken during a live performance (or the preview on the 28th) and posted on the internet - perhaps to further promote the show?

  5. Here are some scenes from the play, but from a student film production:


  6. There was a film version of the play in 2004 starring Natalie Portman (as Alice), Jude Law (as Dan), Julie Roberts (as Anna), and clive Owen (as Larry).


    Here are short clips from the film:



  7. This is a pretty amazing song, "The Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice, also from the film version of 'Closer.'



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