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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jonas has old Bree footage! Ask him to post it.

Jonas says:

so sarah has really done it this time. db is pissed. he's in his room and won't come out. but i guess it's kind of a good thing since this woman could be someone connected to bree and gina... it's brought back some memories and feelings for me. but not anything i'm going to focus on. i'm trying to get my sh*t together and i don't want to feel like i did 6 months ago. so moving on...i just got a couple pm's asking about bree's house and how i've seen that woman before. well i've pretty much seen the entire place top to bottom through daniel's old footage. over the past year as we've run into dead ends daniel and i have poured over old footage of his. he's got tons of tapes with random stuff - lots of footage of them hanging around bree's house and goofing off. anyway, we've re-watched those tapes over and over again looking at the bookshelves, her dad's office, the papers, books, binders, the pictures hung on the walls. really anything that might give us a clue to something or someone. remember that vid "oh the places you'll go" when db and i retraced our steps to lucy's apt etc? we decided not to go back to bree's cuz we had all that footage and i'd seen "back at bree's" a dozen times. then when bree died i had hoped to go inside the house, but i found someone else living there. so i wonder what gina will have to say about all this? she went for walk... said something about needing fresh air. so there ya go. i've got a splitting headache, no one's really talking to each other, and the house reeks of eggs. same sh*t different day.


  1. Maybe Gina went looking for her bench.

  2. Perhaps Gina is making a phone call to warn the woman that her face has been posted online by some foolish person, and she is now in danger from the Order.

  3. The invention of lots of footage from Bree's house fills the plothole of Jonas saying he saw the picture in her stairway when he has never actually been there... so maybe best not to question it too closely, eh? ;)

    But it does open the possibility of sometime seeing (new) old footage, maybe even a Bree cameo by Jessica Rose... that would be fun.

  4. qthec: i agree, it'd be great to see some old footage of Bree and maybe some exploration of her house.
    If Daniel stormed out like that, is because he recognizes that woman.

  5. I have posted twice in that thread asking Jonas to post the footage. Hopefully, that is the intent, because I would love to see some old Bree footage that we never saw.

  6. hmm... Jessica did just recently come around and talk to us all...maybe she's been missing lg15 and offered to do a cameo aka "old bree footage" ???

  7. Long day at work, post "old Bree footage". PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Glenn always DID have good ideas... ;)

    /me campaigns for the Bree footage.


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