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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Q&A: quarterlife’s Marshall Herskovitz

"We have 6 million views total — almost 4 million views on MySpace and almost 1 million views on our site."

"I feel that it was the right decision because [without MySpace] we could not have raised money to make more episodes. We were on YouTube for three weeks with no promotion and I couldn’t even find us when I searched. People tend to think that somehow you will just be found on the Internet. In fact, it’s real easy not to be found on the Internet. MySpace is giving us more than 5 million impressions, otherwise people would not of known about us."

"When we started to negotiate a deal with MySpace, CAA, our agency, went to advertisers and made deals with Pepsi and Toyota, and the commitment of money that they made enabled us to go into production. If we weren’t going to be on MySpace they wouldn’t have committed any dollars."

"Six million views in three months is really good so far — I know one or two people have beaten us."

"If for some reason we don’t succeed on television at all we could still go on the Internet. We love the television component — we want it but we don’t need it."



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