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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sir Darius Higgenbotham - Marla (RE88)

Here are the links to the threads speaking about the letter to Dr. Arstcott.





  1. Due to YouTube problems this video was briefly exciled to the 436...... but it seems to have escaped.

  2. LMAO a rat...

    I have two rats.. Crackers and Hoodlum T. Cheese. But yeah wild rats, not so good... but rats are definately larger than mice.

  3. forgot to mention, My rats are soooo cute! however, I think she should probably not allow it to roam free.. I'd try catching it and having a vet check it over just for disease purposes.. bucket, towel and some food.. does the trick. then just take it to a vet for small animals, and if it's clean and you want to keep it.. a nice aquarium tank will contain it- then you can train it..

    Sorry I'm more hung up on the rat than the letter.... I can't help it, I'm a rattie.

  4. Yeah the voice she uses when talking about the rat, not so cute.

  5. I found a website that talks about the type of therapy Marla suggested for Adam Lamar:

    NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming


  6. A tiny town called "Higginbotham" (with an "i" rather than an "e" after the "gg") lies very close to a straight line connecting Nacogdoches to Las Vegas.

    Nacogdoches, TX to
    Higginbotham, TX to
    Las Vegas, NV



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