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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Gina visited LG15 chat this evening.

Join the LG15 Chat for in character interaction.

To discuss Lonelygirl15 in a quieter atmosphere join the fan run HymnOfOne chat.

In chat, there was a mysterious person using the name redSUV. Many fans suspect that it was Elizabeth Avery.

[21:18] -Broken_Kid- Gina asked us to voice redsuv51 so she could read what she was

redsuv51 = VERDUS!!!!!!!!

Read the summary of the Gina chat on LGPedia.

Full chat log on LGPedia.

* Traveler50 has joined #lg15chat
* Traveler50 is now known as redSUV51
* Traveler67 has joined #lg15chat
* redSUV51 is now known as new
* Traveler67 is now known as gina2008
gina2008: hey guys
* heyaja gives voice to gina2008
gina2008: its me
gina2008: so... did u guy see the vido today?
gina2008: doing okay, little cofused rigt nw
DisenchantedBabe: Don't trust Bree's mom
DisenchantedBabe: She's just another aunt alex
gina2008: Disenchanted, why shld I not trusther?
gina2008: but then why would she just retrn me?
gina2008: its weird, i really dnt think she meant 2 hurt me
gina2008: its just a feeling
* new is now known as redSUV51
gina2008: like the way I jst KNW Bree is my sister, u know?
gina2008: but what wld she be trying to get from me?
gina2008: right -- but then why didn't they keep me?
gina2008: if she wantedto serve me to them, she totally could have
Bratty: Gina could take a purse and put a hole or somthing in the front and put the camera in the purse
gina2008: good ida Bratty!
gina2008: I may take th camera purse idea and record the meet... if I go
gina2008: the thing reaally bothering me is... why did she just send me back?
gina2008: I mean, yeah, she got my blood but what does she want to do with it?
gina2008: and why would she give me the video?
gina2008: that HAS TO mean something
gina2008: showing me and Bree together
gina2008: bt then again
gina2008: the weekend reminded me of Hart
gina2008: just, being in a daze and not knwing whats happening
gina2008: it was scary, beig like a lab rat again
gina2008: I never wanted to feel that way ever again
SickSlickMan: hang in there, luv, you're alright now :)
gina2008: thanks SlickSlick
gina2008: im tryng
Ethan_Fox: Gina I have a question for you... Are you Cassie???
gina2008: haa, no Ethan, I AM NOT Cassie
gina2008: of course I trust myself evergreen
gina2008: i just want some answers
gina2008: thats wat my intincts are telling me
* heyaja sets channel mode +m #LG15chat
Broken_Kid: ok, muted again
Broken_Kid: Go ahead Gina
gina2008: if I go, should I bring the group with me?
gina2008: i dont know, it might put them in danger too
gina2008: thanks BrokenKid
Broken_Kid: that's a good question. Let's open that back up and see what people say...
gina2008: if I were take anyone, who would it be?
* heyaja sets channel mode -m #LG15chat
gina2008: the thing is - she said to cme alone
gina2008: if I go, I feel like I have to bring a camera
gina2008: that way I have you guys with me at least :)
Quirkynesss: Bring Daniel, Gina. He cares about you.
gina2008: Quirkyness - I know Daniel cares about me but I feel like everyone does
gina2008: and I dont want to put them in harms way, u know?
gina2008: there's so much that I want to know
gina2008: and I feel like she wants 2 tell me
gina2008: safety in numbrs is always good
gina2008: but what if its a trap?
gina2008: then I get them hurt too
cheddarcheese: Its a tough risk, but what if she wants to help you?
gina2008: thanks cheddar - thats EXACTLY how I feel
gina2008: what if she does want to help?
gina2008: i keep asking what if what if what if
redSUV51: ***GINA, if you want to know the truth about your past you should go. ****
redSUV51: ***You knew Bree. You played with her****
gina2008: I've talked to the group and eveyrone just keeps arguing about it
gina2008: who should go
gina2008: who should stay
gina2008: how did you guys feel whn you saw the home movie today?
gina2008: it was weird, right?
gina2008: but it felt kinda cmfortng too
redSUV51: *Gina, you did play with Bree. More than once. Go to the meeting and you'll find out more.*
gina2008: where do you think we were in that video?
gina2008: I don't think it could have been the same park from tday
gina2008: now afte what Hart told me about my past
gina2008: if he could even be trusted
redSUV51: Gina, you knew Bree. You played with her.
SocksRock: gina do you like trees?
gina2008: socksrock - of course i like bree
gina2008: i just wish i could have known her better
Broken_Kid: muted
gina2008: i feel a connection to her
Broken_Kid: at Gina's request
redSUV51: Gina, you did know her.
gina2008: and i feel something similar to Elizabeth
redSUV51: You played with her. More than once.
gina2008: its not as strong
gina2008: but its there
gina2008: something is definitely there
redSUV51: Come to the meeting and you will get more information.
redSUV51: There are things you don't understand.
gina2008: as scared as I was on Friday, I got the feeling she wanted 2 protect me
redSUV51: Come.
* redSUV51 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
gina2008: wait
gina2008: did anyone see redSUV51?
-Broken_Kid/#LG15chat- Gina asked us to voice redsuv51 so she could read what she was saying
gina2008: I should go
gina2008: im a little freaked
gina2008: and ive got some thinking to do
gina2008: seriously tho guys, thank u so mch
gina2008: its nice to know i've got your support :)
gina2008: ill let you know what I decide soon
* gina2008 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")

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1 comment:

  1. If redsuv51 was EA, then maybe '51 is her birth year?


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