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Thursday, March 27, 2008

redSUV51... who are thou?

So we are just done with the chat in which Gina asked us for some advice on what should she do about the message in the CD. Should she go to the meeting or not. But amongst all the lonelycrackers giving sounds advise there was someone urging Gina to make it to the meeting. But who is this person?
“redSUV” seemed like s/he has good information and big reason for her to come.

[21:13] -redSUV51- ***GINA, if you want to know the truth about your past you should go. ****
[21:14] -redSUV51- *Gina, you did play with Bree. More than once. Go to the meeting and you'll find out more.*
[21:16] -redSUV51- Gina, you knew Bree. You played with her.

Is this redSUV perhaps Elizabeth Avery pleading for her to go to the meeting.

[21:16] Come to the meeting and you will get more information.
[21:16] -redSUV51- There are things you don't understand
[21:17] -redSUV51- Come.

People picked on this after the moderators voiced redSUV

[21:16] *** heyaja sets mode +v on redSUV51
[21:18] -Broken_Kid- Gina asked us to voice redsuv51 so she could read what she was

Some people think that is a clue in how to find her, a marker.

[21:17] -funkymonkey21- She will be in a redSUV

But... is this a trap.

[21:18] -Chelseyrl- Redsuv= verdus

What do you think…?

Full chat log on LGPedia.

Read the summary of the chat on LGPedia.

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  1. What does "voiced" mean?

  2. Voiced is a way of controlling who has permission to talk in IRC chat.

  3. If it was EA, why would they keep her from talking? Sounds weird.

  4. They devoiced everyone so that the characters could speak and then they allowed "EA" to speak by voicing her.

  5. Yay, rosieiswatchingisposting.


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