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Monday, April 21, 2008

LA To LDN - Steve (KM) & - Jonas (LG15)

Steve said...

Jonas let me post this video of his arrival in London. I didn't take my camera because I didn't want to scare him away. Luckily he was already rolling when I got there!


I made it to London and hooked up with Steve. Next stop: Lord Carruthers.

LA To LDN - Steve (KM) & - Jonas (LG15) on YOUTUBE

NOTE: since the YouTube video carried the Bebo logo we left that as the source video even though the videos is posted on both Bebo and YouTube.


  1. hahahaha, I loved this vid!

  2. HAHAHA I kind of think this whole conversation was inspired by our old chats with the london fans on the old chat. That is all we used to do over voice:

  3. lmfao.

    I was laughing so much, I had tears in my eyes.

    I squealed. Yay. Jonas is that much closer to me

  4. Finally a crossover, just like we have waited for since episode 1 of KM.

    They should have a colour/color debate !!!

    Jonas wants the dick...and burger king...

  5. I almost died of laughter when Steve started dancing. "I didn't come to London for some dick". BAHAHA. (It was predictable but meh.. it was still funny) I'm let down a little bit. I thought it would be better.

  6. awww don't they look so cute together ^_^

    looks like Daniel's gettin shunned by Jonas for his new bestest pal xP

    jenna: ditto xD

  7. As long as they are doing a crossover video, it would have been fun to see Hurley or Charlie or Locke on the plane, maybe with one of those dying Tuba LOST sound effects.

  8. I wonder if any LG15 fans recognized Jackson on the plane?

  9. Dude if I saw Jackson on the plane I would befriend him. Going across the Atlantic is a long and boring process.

    Interesting video....that's all I'll say at this point.


  10. When Steve said "Let's rock the casbah!" that was a total Hope shoutout... lol

  11. So do they really think this will hold us over for this long? I'm ready for much more KM/LG action. If he's only there for a short while get going. I want to see him meet Lauren and Charlie (Lauren has already commented on Steve's Bebo page that Jonas looks fit).


    Sorry, I'm demanding today.


  12. Lauren is so boy-crazy, did you SEE the look she gave Gavin? She's going to faint when she sees Jonas. Watch out Jennie!

  13. totally weird and awesome

    every video needs to be 10 minutes!


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