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Monday, April 21, 2008

On This Day in LG15 History ... April 20, 2007

One year ago, yesterday, Bree posted the video Sloppy Drunk, which further confirmed the recent development from New Girl that Jules was canon to the lonelygirl15 story.

Bree also linked us to Jule's myspace, which included Katharine McPhee in her Top 8.

as it appears in the video

This is also one of the last straight only-vlogging videos done by Bree, the last of which came a few days later with A Solid Lead.

At this point in the series, videos were posted on lg15.com (via revver as the video host) before they appeared on youtube. It actually took this video nine days to appear on youtube, which was as about as long as the gap ever got.

Within 3 days of its release to youtube, the video had received over 300,000 views, making it the most successful video of the prior six weeks. It is currently the 55th-most viewed video on the lonelygirl15 YouTube channel, with 497,932 views.

Sloppy Drunk on LGPedia

Official forum discussion thread

Anchor Cove archive discussion thread


  1. I thought we all agreed never to mention Jules (aka the worst character in LG15).

  2. WOW, that seems soooooooo long ago.

  3. It also means that Taylor and Sarah joined on a year ago.



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