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Saturday, April 5, 2008


The third chat was held at 8PM BST. Lee visited Sophie in her office, and both were visibly upset by the latest video. Both asked viewers for help regarding the new puzzle that Terrence had uploaded to Charlie's Bebo site. It was eventually discovered that the image was indicating that Charlie was being held at Aunt Joan's house. Lee tried franticly to contact Gavin, but the line was busy, so his number was given to fans to try and contact. After several minutes of failed attempts to contact Gavin's phone, Lee remembered that Justin had implanted trackers into all JTV staff members' phones. Lee raced off to track Gavin's phone, and gave Sophie a passionate kiss before leaving.


Terrence has kidnapped Charlie.

CONTACT GAVIN 07527 047 672

"Thanks To everyone Who left messages, Jackg, LemonJade, bex08, JodieH, Purplemuse, Emmy, YouWish8, etc."


  1. that's gav's number not steve's!

  2. I was thinking gavin and wrote steve



  3. Woo i left a message does that make me cool ?

    I hope they make a compilation of them all =D

  4. I should also note my message was more on the advising of goin to see steve and kick his head in for taking his woman im sure he will take my advice

  5. mm arent you american , have you not slept at all =D ?

  6. Why isn't the chat working for me???? I hate this, it only says error, service unavailable. Now I've missed all the fun :(

  7. Last time we contacted their tech support pple but it was a regional issue. For a start make sure all you software is up to date.

  8. ahhh i must have left about 2983y65922335285692835 messages!
    (yes, there is a letter in there)

  9. That was the third chat, not the second!


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