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Friday, May 2, 2008

Airlift - masonishappy

Subject discovered. Attempting interception. Mission go.

Audio file to masonishappy airlift. <------

Audio file with noise reduction.

Audio file cleaned up.

Discussion on LG15.com.

Join the HOO chat and help solve Masonishappy the puzzle.


  1. I wonder if Greg Mason owns that helicopter?

  2. someone mentioned morsecode.... when we were trying to translate the clore video...

    I looked at the description.. thought.. attempting interception.. hmm maybe intercepting a message?

    I dunno...

    could anyone make out the words of the man in the audio?

  3. a series of greek letters flash near the end of the vid: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v605/siilverblue/?action=view&current=airlife.jpg

  4. I added an image of the Greek letters - not sure of their meaning.

  5. mkay, we're definately on to SOMETHING...but there's a mistake in the image i think. I get "juillet" in Microsoft Word instead of "fuillet"...

  6. Juillet is the french word for the month of July.

  7. http://tinyurl.com/3n8te3

    Cleaned up more also balanced out some EQ to get a better sound of the words... Also, these are just the words we're trying to figure out, not the entire audio to the video.

  8. There is a recently created YouTube account for FUILLET


    The profile shows no description, videos, or subscribers, but has

    Age: 18
    Country: United States
    Joined: April 18, 2008
    Last Login: 1 week ago

  9. I cannot understand the audio, but parts of it sound like someone speaking French, and I noticed today that Greg Mason uses French words for his playlist titles on the YouTube masonishappy channel.


    Any French speakers available to listen to the cleaned up audio?

  10. I'm guessing that "Fuillet" is the last name of the girl in Paris 'with some sort of abnormal blood disease' that Mason said he is being sent to see on behalf of "Sacred Spirit"

    See Mason's "New Job!" video:


    This was the video just prior to the one where he was shot called "Resistance Be Warned."

  11. -_-' *sigh*... no one listens. It's "julliet" not "fulliet".

  12. In the audio, I hear

    "pas encore" meaning "not yet" (this is at 0:25 just before the shot)


    "comment se" meaning "how" or "how is it" or "how is he" or "how is she" (I think something like that) (this is at the end of the video)

  13. Anonymous, I saw your comment about it possibly being "Juillet" - as you can see, I translated that to "July" above assuming it is French. However, the greek letter Phi is commonly translated as "f" or "ph" and not as a "j" ... (there is no "j" equivalent in Greek).

    So how exactly (step by step) did you use Microsoft Word to translate the Greek text into English? I'm not sure how to reproduce that.

    What I did was use the windows "Character Map" system tool to find the font and letters, and then translated them to english in two ways. Using altavista Greek to English translation gives "fyjllet" and translating manually using information on Wikipedia and Purple Hell Riddle Tools gives "fuillet." I'm just offering these as two possibilities, nothing definite.



  14. hmmz...I just recognized them all as the font "symbol"...when you translate THAT to arial or times new you get juillet.

  15. ahhh, got ya... the "phi" and "j" fall in the same place on the character maps for "Symbol" and "Times New Roman" and "Ariel" fonts
    (character U+006A)

    ...so it's possible that the video creator used a similar method.

  16. Okay...i only remember a little of junior high french, but from what I can gather through the help of trusty Babelfish...

    "The ambulance is arriving (has arrived)."
    "Not yet."
    "Now?" (sounds irritated)
    (unintelligable - audio stinks)
    "Commence. (Begin, start)"

    Then again, I could be totally and completely off...

  17. well I've been trying to listen to it... trying to get the IPA to figure out what the words are... I mean I've been speaking french for over 9 years and I'm having such trouble with this.

  18. I sent this message Saturday on YouTube:

    > To: FUILLET
    > Subject: Mason?
    > We saw the airlift. Are you okay?

    and received this reply Sunday:

    > Re: Mason?
    > i dont think im the right person

  19. Trying some different transliterations, then anagramming:

    f/p/ph u/y/v/f i/j l l e t

    fuillet = fuel lit, lift ule
    fujllet = full jet
    fyillet = i let fly
    fvillet = fill vet
    ffillet = elf lift, fell fit

    puillet = i tell up
    pujllet = jet pull
    pyillet = ill type
    pvillet = vet pill
    pfillet = fell pit, let flip

    phuillet = hell it up, tell up hi, he pull it, hi pullet, i pull the

    phyillet = hell pity, help tily, type hill

    phfillet = help lift

    Nothing there looks very convincing - I'm guessing it is a french name or place.

  20. maybe something big is happening in July?

    And it just clicked...how on earth did the guy who is making these vids get ahold of a friggen HELICOPTER?


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