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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eye on Maxwell Glick

Maxwell Glick is the actor who played the role of Spencer. He grew up on Long Island and attended St. Anthony's High School. After high school, he graduated with a BA in Theater from Boston College. He then moved to Manhattan to begin his work as an actor and then later moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his career.

He has appeared in a commercials for Verizon , Hooters, and Universal Studios and has done various regional theater productions, including two national tours of musicals. Before becoming involved in Lonelygirl15, Maxwell followed the show. He first auditioned in August '06 for the character of Jonas. Although he did not get that part (it went to Jackson Davis), the Creators liked him so much that they called him back in October '06, and again in February '07, at which point he got the role of Spencer.

Maxwell gets inspiration from the excitement and challenge each new role he creates brings. Other interests of his include sports as well as pop music. He is a die-hard New York Jets and New York Yankees fan. If he weren't an actor, he would love to be a baseball player, but admits that it's probably an impossible dream. More realistically, he could see himself as a sportscaster. He enjoys playing piano and has his own top 20 songs chart on his website which he updates weekly.

Max appeared as a guest star on F.O.B. Life on August 15th, 2007, where he mentioned that his favorite LG15 episode is "The Cheese and Crackers episode." He is a member of the LG15 Fantasy Football League which includes 11 other Lonelygirl15 community members.

Maxwell has expressed an interest in returning to the show. In the mean time, though, he filmed the pilot of a musical children's show called "Wiz Kids" and appeared in the DVD series Ingles Ya!, which teaches non-English speakers English.

Maxwell Glick on LGPedia.

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  1. Happy Birthday Maxwell.

    We all miss Spencer.

  2. omg that's so cool that he auditioned for jonas lol. and that he actually followed the show before it. how did he find out about the audition? i love these little trivia things. lol

    happy birthday maxwell! you rule.

  3. ...its my birthday too. :( *jealousy*

  4. Happy Birthday opladybug.

    Wow 2 in 1 day:)

  5. I would enjoy a Spencer/Taylor storyline.

  6. I definitely miss Spencer, he was one of my favorite characters.

    Step up, Creators and Neutrogena.

  7. Happy Birthday, Maxwell :)
    Come back Spencer!!!!! :'(


  8. I miss you Max!

    Have a great birthday and and and whats going on with our yanks!!!!


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