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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Politics Gone Wild! - Daniel (LG15/KM)

We almost had him until Steve screwed it up! What a mess! -- Daniel

"Sieg Heil!"

The balloons seen in this video were supplied by Party Divine. ( visit website)

Jenni Powell can be seen talking with Kira in the background at about 4:02, and also at about 5:13.

The video is similar to the Ocean's 11 franchise. Bree watches Ocean's 11 in Mystery Movies.

This is the first appearance of Nikki B in Season 3.

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  1. Beyond the usual LG15-required suspension of disbelief, this was great episode. More Nikki B is always welcome.

  2. Nikki B yay!! And this was a really good video, glad to see the creators can still make good ones.
    But please, next time Lucy is standing in front of your car, just run over her!

    Poor Steve, he was too scared to do this. Maybe they shouldn't have given that iron pipe thing to the one who can only use 1 arm.

  3. Haha...thats true. They gave it to the disabled man.

    So glad to have Nikki B back. It's probably an apology for the Taylor tease the other day.

    I was wondering why they didn't just run over Lucy. I mean...they were about to kill Salinas (or injure him at least). Whats the difference?

    Where was Nikki B at the end? Hope she's okay. If Sarah were still there she would have seduced the guard with her cleavage. Apparently Nikki can manage fully covered.


  4. almost PERFECT episode except for that obvious "clapping" audio dub.

  5. wonderful and horrible in that unique LG15 style - loved it!

    Hooray for Nikki B. (playing the role of the new Sarah / guard distractor) and for the (other) Daniel cameo as the drunk ex-frat boy. I also liked the black and white scene with the cool music as they were walking toward the meeting.

    I do have some questions about this overall story arc, for instance...

    It started with an email from Bree leading to a toy store leading to Lord Carruthers with Jonas going to find him... what happened to that hunt? And by the way, what did Steve and Jonas do when they left the party in London? (seems like the story just skipped to the next day and the decoding of the Clore video).

    We went off on a Rupert tangent, and now we are off on an Edward Salinas storyline, but what about Carruthers?

    Well, just going along for the ride. The production effort in this video was impressive!

    As we follow the adventures of Jonas and Steve, it would be good to get a few videos sprinkled in of what is happening on the 'other' side of the pond.

  6. QFT: "wonderful and horrible in that unique LG15 style - loved it!"

  7. BEAST MEETS BEAST!!!!!!!!
    LMAO Luv it...

    AND Nikki B.!!!! :)

    Other than that... unbelievable. Let the Shadows and Lucy ignore the four children who they were assigned to kill, and therefore SHOULD know their faces. Moreso, let's ignore the dude with the handheld camera. This could have been easily rectified with, say Steve hiding the camera in his sling???

  8. Steve's sling was already full of tire-iron, so there wasn't room for the camera. ;)

  9. Jenni Powell can be seen in the background at about 4:02

  10. did any1 see peterbeast or was that just me?

  11. She's not the only one, doth I spy a Kira?

  12. I noticed the canned audience too.

    When Steve & Jonas are running to the truck in the garage, who's that in the background?? Is that Amanda? It's amazing to see her and Lucy in the same place. Hmmm...

  13. Well at least they didn't... eh, never mind.

  14. Best Thing: Nikki B!!!

    did she get in the car at the end?

  15. Nikki B. is probably in charge of Salinas security by now. ;)

  16. I think Jonas picked up the tube after Steve dropped it. Why did he not use it? You see him run off with it but he does not have it when he gets to the car.


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