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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hopefulsemblance on Apo's Show

What did he talk about?


Anonymouse61806 was and ARG web series created by Hopefulsemblance in reponse the a Dr. Bethany videos. According to Hopefulresemblance on Apo's radio show Deagol was a primary player in the ARG and it involved several back and forth game jackings.

Anonymouse61806 on LGPedia.

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  1. Really great interview. Any chance that could be released because there is a lot of great information that could be used to fill in the blanks on LGPedia.

  2. LoL!! I didn't even know the anonymouse had their own page! Um as for the interview going public, that's Apo's call in the end. I can send you a clip of a segment if you were looking for something in particular, but like I said making the entire interview public is Mr. AZ's call.

  3. As always, contributors to my show are welcome to do as they wish.

    I would very much appreciate it if BreeFM and myself are cited as sources, but I suppose that is a minor consideration.

    Thanks again for appearing on the show, hope!

  4. i vote that every one of apo's interviews be released somewhere (assuming consent is given for each). the audio could simply be put on youtube clips.

    i often miss his show, and it pains me greatly.

  5. Agreed about Apo's interviews: they are such a great look into individual members of the communities' experiences and it would be awesome to get them a wider listenership. I try to make Apo's shows but it isn't always possible and it makes me sad. It'd be great if it were available as a podcast or something.

    Keep up the awesome work Apo!

  6. PS: Dr. Bethany misses Anonymouse. ;)

  7. A podcast of the audio clips would be a great way to go. It is easy to set up and works well with RSS. Then again someone would have to edit together the audio clips.

    A podcast would also help promote Apo's interviews and BreeFM. to a wider audience. It would also ensure that valuable information makes its way to LGPedia.


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