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Sunday, May 18, 2008

lunascientia said...

We're currently uncertain of who exactly these people are, but we know their goals are almost the same as the Solars. However, their ability to even manage to plant a splinter cell within our ranks is unsettling, and we fear this is something much bigger than they.



  1. I was/am informally these videos "The Solars" until the PM decides to name it whatever. So far, we have been given no indication on the name of the series.

    I see that the tag I used was picked up on, so I just wanted to clarify.

    Its currently not being posted in the red territory part of the forums. I'm not sure what the plans are as for as organizational, etc.

  2. I saw the video had a RedEarth tag on youtube. Not sure what the series name is either but The Solars should let us track it until we know what we are working with.

  3. lunascientia? like filiascientia and luna put together? *is confused, as always*

  4. lol, I guess "RedLonelyEarth" wasn't available.


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