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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Invitation - Julia (KM)

Julia said...

Saturday is going to be a day none of us will ever forget!


  1. julia doesn't look brainwashed at all.... no, no not at all.....

  2. I wish they had not told us it was ending.

    it just ruins the enjoyment.


    But nice vid.

  3. Julia isn't smiling once, she just stares into the camera. Is Rupert already busy with brainwashing her?? It looks like it, she's so not the Julia we know.

  4. omg that is the creepiest invitation ever.

    Should we expect Tariq maybe to show up and kick some ass?

    that would be awesome.

  5. Creppyyist wedding video ever!
    And why mention meryl?

  6. Pachelbel's Canon.

    Awesome vid. Classy.

  7. Thats a little amature text overlaying, I would want a refund for that and the horridly overused music :)

    He also said Bebo a little funny, he said beeeebow.

    I love that Meryl got a specific mention, it looks like my campaign has really been paying off.

    Mabye a spinoff is in the works once KM ends.

  8. At least it's "Chapter 14" and not "Chapter 11."

    This speech sounds like a puzzle to me.

    Volume, Book, Chapter, etc.

    This video would have been much better if he had sunk vampire fangs into her neck at the end.

  9. Julia looks completely exhausted from all the brainwashing... I mean, from all the love.

  10. Hymn got your tongue Julia?

    CREEPY. Seriously she didn't even speak.


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