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Monday, May 12, 2008


..... because life needs to SUCK LESS! (to paraphrase my dear friend Zarbod).

http://www.bebo.com/savekatemodern <-- SAVE KATEMODERN!!!!!!!!

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Bebo's KateModern to end next month

"A spokeswoman for Bebo said the show had always been profitable because the site worked to establish sponsorship deals before it went ahead."

Did audience interactivity kill KateModern?

Has the decision to follow audience feedback and kill off the main character in January 2008 backfired?

"Asked why she killed Kate, Bebo international president Joanna Shields said: ‘We did actually, because the audience didn’t fancy her."


  1. the crush of traffic from links to anchor cove about KM ending has temporarily brought down the site. OK, that probably isn't true at all, but the site is temporarily down, Terry is hopefully looking into it now.

  2. Yea i noticed that.

    Maybe the Gnomes of Eqal boggling its mind.

  3. looks like we shook off the gnomes.

  4. The person who wrote the story about the audience appears not to have watched the show. Yea, that makes them an authority.

  5. Fight the Order-Sorry Dear,to busy today deleting all those goddam KM Bebo profiles and Groups,and watching the beginning of the end of interaction,


  6. 1.5 million per episode is some achievement. I hope that's not the reason for cancelling the show!

  7. there was an analysis of that on the Cove and i think they said that must be per week but i am not sure.

  8. KateModern's producer EQAL, which also made the YouTube hit Lonely Girl 15, has not ruled out reprising the drama in the future but will hope to beat the average 1.5 million views of each episode.

    A spokeswoman for Bebo said the show had always been profitable because the site worked to establish sponsorship deals before it went ahead.

    This sounds to me like they are retooling the show while securing new sponsors. Then it can come back under a new name.

  9. My guess is this is about EQAL getting separation from Bebo/AOL and the original KM deal.

    EQAL plans seem to include their own interactive website/platform of some kind.

    I bet many of the KM production team will be working for EQAL.

    They probably just need to drop the "Kate Modern" name because of previous shared production/advertising/distribution/ownership agreements.

    In other words, EQAL is saving the essence of KM from AOL. Stay tuned.

  10. is this a joke??

  11. Wow, so I just read the thing on InsideLG15. I'm shocked. I left this comment.

    This feels too random. Is there a such thing as belated April Fool’s??

    If it’s really ending we’d better get a few things straight.
    –Tariq needs to come back. We need closure on wtf is up with him.
    –Julia needs to become awesome again.
    –Someone has to die. Someone we REALLY LOVE. I hate that you guys just kill off whoever we don’t like. That’s not how creative writing works, folks.
    –Steve has to become awesome again.
    –We need to find out who Kate’s “helper” was before she died.
    –We need to find out more about who Kate was and what she was running from before she changed her name. **THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT**
    –Gavin needs to do something really good and brave to reestablish his good reputation.
    –Something has to happen with Terrence.
    –Julia needs to dump Rupert.
    –Rupert needs to be established as either a good or bad guy.

    kthanks. Feel free to add onto this list as you please.

    I also would really like it if we could have another cool artsy creepy video like awful dream. Like, even if its just footage found from before Kate died. Those were the best part of the show, imo.

    Much love,

    You guys should back me up so at least we get what we want before it ends. =)

  12. I just want to see the video of the bear eating Steve.


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