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Friday, May 2, 2008


We have had two weeks of "crossover videos" between Lonelygirl15 and KateModern bringing together the LG15 Universe. So, what do you think? How well did it work? Could it have been done better? What would YOU have done different? What did you really really really enjoy, and what, well, not so much?

We want to know what you thought about the "crossover" so leave a comment below with your feedback for KateModern and Lonelygirl15.


  1. I think the big thing that was missing was feedback from the other side of the pond for both weeks. That just seemed very unnatural and out of character for both shows.

  2. I've enjoyed it, but I agree with Modelmotion. It's very odd not to hear from Charlie while Steve is here or to hear from Jennie/DB when Jonas abadoned them.

    Also I think it should have been more of an event like KM Precious Blood thing. That was one of the most INCREDIBLE things I've ever watched.

    I feel like coming off the heels of Precious Blood it was underwhelming.

    But don't get me wrong I enjoyed it, and it definetly had moments of brilliance.


  3. The first week was freaking awesome. The second week...blah.

  4. It was odd to me as well of the lack of showing the communication between the two shows while Jonas was in London and Steve was in LA.
    I did like that the episodes were longer. I felt like it moved more of the plot forward into a direction.
    The writing of this show reminds me of J.J Abrams writing sometimes. With more 1/2 answers stems more questions on a magnitude of diffrent levels. Keep up the great work guys. I can't wait to see what's next.

  5. Yea, like why the scar on Bree's back? I still want an answer for that one.

  6. I agree with justanotherlonelygirl...

    The first week was phenomenal. The second week... um... ouch.
    It seems like the London staff wrote a special week just to accomodate this story and the extra character, while the L.A. staff just wrote a regular scripted story arc and inserted Steve in place of Sarah.

  7. I really loved the first week, Jonas in London was great. Good videos and suspense with the shooting and the fake taxi driver. The videos in LA, not so good. I don't know, it seems like the KM writers are just better right now then the lg15 writers.

    And I agree with the others here,. It's a bit unrealistic to not hear anything from the taag when Jonas was in London and to not hear anything from Charlie and co. when Steve was in LA. It would have been better to also have some separated videos from the others.

    Conclusion: crossover was good, but the KM videos were just better!

  8. I had the same reaction that Modelmotion expressed in the first comment - while the main story followed Jonas and Steve, it would have been a plus to have additional videos from the other characters, reacting to and interacting with what was happening in the main storyline.

    With so many characters, there needs to be more than one storyline going at one time to keep them all active/"serviced." What are Jennie's and Gina's goals right now, for instance? What is Charlie trying to accomplish?

    I do like the idea of a crossover, even though it brings some additional complexity to the storyline - it also allows for new relationships and conflicts between characters. It would be cool if characters actually switched from one main story to the other occasionally for longer periods of time.

    In this part of the story or that to follow, it would be good to get a little more insight into the connection/relationship between some of the Order's powerful members. We now have Ms. Avery (Bree's mom), Carruthers, Rupert Van Helden, Clore, and Salinas, all leaders, as well as the operative Lucy and other unnamed operatives.

    In the story arc, there is an unexplained gap between when Steve and a tipsy Jonas left the party saying "Let's Do It!" and the next day when they were working on the Michele Clore DVD. What did they do?

    Also, it seemed a bit unsatisfying for Jonas to give up so easily on trying to reach Carruthers, and instead allow Steve to sidetrack him with the visit to Rupert Van Heldon. I thought perhaps Charlie or Lee/Lauren were going to join forces with Jonas/Steve and find a way to get past Carruthers security.

    But plotting issues aside, the production efforts of the party in England and the Michele Clore video, and the Edward Salinas meeting in the states were impressive, and made these videos distinctive, interesting, and memorable.

    I hope Sophie gets a larger role at some point, and would definitely enjoy seeing Spencer show up again, perhaps in London to continue the Carruthers investigation? (communicating online with Taylor in the states?)

    Jonas and Charlie should go sailing and scuba diving on the Great Barrier reef, off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

  9. I, too, thought that the lack of reaction from other characters was kind of strange.

    I found the end when they left Steve to be really depressing- it pretty much told me that everyone on the London side is going to dislike everyone on the LA side too much to ever to talk to them again. So much for working together, right? *sigh*

  10. I think it was absolutey AWESOME...
    until steve came to the states.

    Did the London crew write for Jonas while he was there???And Visa Versa...

    Because IT SHOWS

  11. I think it happened that way cause the LG15 writers SUCK BAWLS and the KM writers ROCK. Simply put. Didn't they get a big 5 million $$$ cash break? They ought to spend sum 'o dat money on a half way competant writing staff.

  12. I absolutely loved the English side of the crossover (Jonas in the UK)... but I've hated the American side of it (Steve in the US).


  13. The concept, the story, the writers, and the actors for KM have far surpassed their LG15 equivalents. There is more depth to KM, more sophistication, more complexity, and, apparently, more professionalism. The venerable vein of the English theatrical tradition shines through several of the KM actors. In contrast, the LG15 acting comes across as sophomoric and superficial, which is a pity because all of the LA actors actually DO have potential.

    I agree with many of the previous points of view: get rid of the current LG15 writers and, perhaps, bring people from the other side of the pond both to write the scripts and to coach the LA actors.

  14. I feel like both series dropped the ball in the crossover by not having individual episodes for each show. As ModelMotion said, there should have been reaction posts or even just updates from the other group.

  15. Pretty much everything I feel about the crossover has been said, but I'll add this:

    - Response videos would have been nice, even if they were like when Taylor solves something long distance. Note: one good element was when Lauren posted that Jonas was 'fit' on bebo before we even saw them meet. That was a nice bonus, and could've been used in lieu of response videos, just to show that anyone not on camera was still paying attention.

    - The party was cool, the watcher/taxi driver murder was cool, the Salinas rally was cool, but when you break it all down in the grand scheme, nothing happened!

    I thought the best idea, storywise, was the hit on TAAG. It's about time some real at-any-moment tension was present again.

    And again, the end was despicable.

  16. There were text reactions to the US vids from the characters on Bebo. You had to be paying attention though.

  17. Yeah I guess by that point I had tuned out and missed them - shows how interested the videos had me.

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