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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bebo, Universal Music partner for online drama

"The Secret World of Sam King revolves around a junior ’facilities’ employee at Universal Music who secretly founds his own start-up label in the post room."


"Similarly to stablemates KateModern and Sofia’s Diary, financing for the project follows Bebo’s proven model of brand integration."


  1. "Unlike its competitors, Bebo offers access to a line-up of high quality commissions such as the Bafta-nominated KateModern and Sofia’s Diary. The latter recently became the first online drama in the UK to transfer to television when it was picked up by the UK’s Channel Five."

    ~ interesting they would pick up SD and not KM. I wonder what exactly EQAL did wrong to lead to the end of KM?

  2. I would have added the wiki like to the article


    but the first time I created the page Wikipedia deleted it within seconds. What is it about people that causes those with a little power to get drunk on it so fast?

    or maybe I did not take the time to read Wikipedia policy. Who knows.

  3. Like the people at IMDB...

  4. You have to be one of the regular circle jerkers at wikipedia to be allowed to create your own page.

  5. It's easier to pick up Sofia Diary than Katemodern.
    Sofia Diary can be shown on TV like a regular tv show, the dilemmas have really little effect on the plot.#
    Katemodern with it's fan interaction is a little harder to make the crossover.

  6. KM is shot for the web. It would look out of place on TV.

    SD is like a TV show that's been chopped up into little pieces to show on the web.

  7. I think my point really would be that KM is a better show, Luke is a pretty good writer, and it could be adapted for TV East Enders style.

    I would rather have that than killing the show off.

  8. mm - the wiki page is a good start. add a few references is a deletion call goes up. i did the page for foreign body that way and it seems to be sticking around.


  9. Thanks Milo, there are a few articles on the new show, so I will try and add a few details. It just would be nice if the powers that be would "get it" but then I understand they have a very tough job given the number of random pages that get created in a day. Still I think they should develop something like a reputation rating so that they can tell who is not trying to screw things up and who is.

  10. Bah sofias diary is on five life or fiver i forget they changed the name in hopes of getting more hits on the channel. But it is a channel rarely watched and will do no good there


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