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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Disconnect With Me - Steve (KM)

I've got an announcement for all members of the Celestial Network.


  1. Charlie looked mega mega mega hott in this vid.

  2. Oh yeah. LMAO!
    It was great seeing a "non-character" react to the KateModern Crew.
    "His friends did seem a little weird."
    "Why are they always filming each other?"


  3. Yay Steve is returning to normalcy! That religion was short lived.

  4. So can Meryl, Jeremy, Balthazar, and Blonde Girl (don't know her name if she has one) please please please get their own spin-off when KM ends? Cuz that would just be amazing. There's four of them like there were four KTeam members at the start...Who's with me? Keep the MerylModern dream alive!

  5. The retrospect at the end was good. Then steve comes in to just take the camera.

  6. I couldn't even hear what Meryl said. It broke my heart that I couldn't understand her after all this time.

  7. She's the one that says, "His friends did seem a little weird," or something along those lines.
    I could have sworn Meryl has spoken before, albeit 3 words. *shrugs*
    retro, you make a fantastic point. Those three conspiracy nerds got their own spin-off in X-Files. The four religious cooks should get their own spin-off. Perhaps they explore a new religion every week?

  8. Meryl spoke the fist time she was on camera. xP

  9. you sure? thought meryl's first time was in 'Boobcast'...

  10. Steve is fast becoming my favorite character in the LG15 universe. But I still want to know how he got back to London from LA. :)

  11. Only One week left... *Sigh*

  12. Meryl spoke at the end of lee's job video it was only a few words then.


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