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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Don't You Forget About Me. - Lonelyjewfifteen (LJ15)

Listen to your friend Anne...


  1. OpAdolf taught Anne all sorts of slang.

  2. i am enjoying the Abbot and Costello routine between myself and OpADOLF.
    hopefulsemblance (1 hour ago)
    At 0:56 there some overlapping audio that I can't fully hear.

    lonelyjewfifteen (1 hour ago)
    See the Dots lining up?

    hopefulsemblance (1 hour ago)
    No. Because my ear was to my speakers so much of the video was unseen. Thanks for the tip Mr. A!

    OpAdolf (1 hour ago)
    No, literally, I say: "See the Dots lining up?"

  3. My friend called me as I was typing all of that an hour ago and she asks "So what are you doing?" I replied, "I'm trying to troll Adolf Hitler." She replies, "Um... that's... good to know."

    Ahhhh, only in this community that statement would make sense. LoL

  4. The backwards portions says:

    He alone who gains the youth gains the future, nah na nah na nah na (possibly one more nah na)

  5. But you have to know exactly how many nah na's in order to be able to solve the puzzle!!!

    ...no, you don't. I'm being a jerk. ;)

  6. It is good to see that Anne is keeping fit in the future.


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