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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Show based on The Middleman Comic

Trailer for the new ABC Family original series THE MIDDLEMAN based on the comic from Viper by Javier Grillo-Marxuach premiering June 16th, 2008!

If you like comics or you enjoyed the LOST Experience (ARG that filled in some of the back-story of the TV show LOST), you already have a reason to check out The Middleman. This show and the comic it is based on were created by creative genius, the Emmy award winning Javier_Grillo-Marxuach, who was a producer and writer for LOST and was responsible for much of the mythology of that show.

Javi's introduction to 'the middleman':

Watch the premier episode online at abcfamily.com here:
The Middleman, season 1, episode 1.

Here is an article telling more about Javi's work and the background of how this new show, The Middleman, came into existence, starting with a pilot Javi wrote ten years ago: Grillo-Marxuach's strange journey to 'The Middleman'.

"Javier Grillo-Marxuach has worked on complicated TV shows from 'The Pretender' to 'Lost' with stops on 'Charmed', 'Kyle XY' and 'Medium' in between."

"Then there's his new TV show 'The Middleman', premiering June 16th on ABC Family. It's based on his Viper Comics title of the same name, which was actually a TV pilot script that was turned into a comic."

"The show is airing on ABC Family. It features the adventures of a young temp, Wendy Watson, who is recruited into a partnership by a mysterious operative known only as The Middleman. Together they team up to battle monsters, villains and other threats the rest of us thought only lived in comic books."

To check out The Middleman in comic book form (with long excerpts available online) see:
(note: reading the comic book will act as a spoiler for the TV show - but it's so worth it.)

Here is a trailer for the summer 2005 release of volume one of the Viper comic series "The Middleman" - written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach, illustrated by Les Mcclaine. It's interesting to compare this trailer to the current TV pilot - looks like they are following the comic book very closely.

In The LOST Experience, which he produced, Javi played a ranting talk radio conspiracy nut named DJ Dan, providing commentary and crazy theories about all kinds of random things, but also helping to uncover the Dharma Initiative and the evil Hanso Foundation. The culmination of the Lost Experience ARG was this video:


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