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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Evergreen Saves the Day - Jennie (LG15)

My friend Evergreen from lg15.com was so helpful! She did some incredible detective work! - Jennie

Evergreen Saves the Day - Jennie (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia,


Evergreen: Hey, Jennie. I'm at work; so I only have a minute. But I just wanted to let you know I got the documents that you sent over. They're actually bank statements and wire transfer details. It looks like there's hundreds of thousands of dollars being funneled into Salinas' personal account. I just don't know from where.
(scene cuts to a shot of the documents. Close up of writing that says, "$200,000/(ARP GNETAAB ARLO/GAH LAS.)"

Cuts to Evergreen typing, then to camera)

Evergreen: Okay, so, I did a little digging. And I eventually recognized the writing on the margins. It's Enochian. Remember? The language that Bree was force to learn for the Ceremony.

Evergreen: (flipping through a book) You know, there's not much written about Enochian. Most linguists believe that the language was completely made up. But when it first surfaced in the late 16th century, some occulist revered it as a language spoken by angels... maybe even demons.

(scene shows Evergreen flipping through and analyzing a book. Cuts to her picking up a document as she turns to camera)

Evergreen: Okay, on the documents you sent me, with the Enochian in the margins, it reads, (captioned) "Ar-peh geh-etah-ah-beh ah-quah-loh geh-ah lah-se." Which, in translation, means, "Conquer government in spirit riches." Now if I were to guess, I would probably say that the money is coming from Sacred Spirit, which is Carl's charity. And that officially links Carl with Salinas. (leans in) I'm sorry, Sarah, but Carl's been working with Salinas all along. Listen, it can't feel good being used like that. But at least you have Daniel. And he is much better.
Evergreen: (leaning back) I sent these documents, along with my translations, to the FBI and several media outlets. Now, I know the Order is everywhere, but we have to try something. So, good luck and fight the Order.

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  1. I will say. I didn't expect the video to be this good. Well done Evergreen! You're a natural!!! I know you had to set up the camera angles and stuff all by your lonesome. A+!

    As for Enochian... oddly sounds like Pig Latin to me.

  2. Evergreen did an incredible job! I say she should be a permanent character. I second the A+

  3. Great Job Evergreen!!!!

  4. This was awesome!

    Good job Evergeen :)

  5. Someone actually called the FBI. If only they did that sooner.

  6. This had a vibe similar to that of the old Nikki B days, back when Bree was on the run and OpAphid was on the loose... I like it. :)

    Yay Evergreen!

  7. Yay Evergreen!!

    great video :D

  8. Wearing a Spencer-green tshirt no less ... nice job, Evergreen!


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