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Thursday, June 12, 2008

His Fate is in the Cards - ThEmptyCheshire

It looks like poor Jackson Creature got hacked again ...

I decided to let the cards decide his fate,
The man who orchestrated events as of late,
The fifth card made me grin,
As I realized his sin,
Woe to the man that is dealt two Ace & two Eight.


  1. Oooh, Dead Man's Hand.

    Hope he didn't sit with his back facing the door...

    ...actually, I kinda hope he did. ;)

  2. OOG: I have the blessing of the original owner of ThEmptyCheshire account to put these last videos on his account. So it's an in-game hacking, not a real life hacking (Just for those of you that can't tell the difference between in-game and meta).

    That isn't to say there wasn't an original hacking of his account that led me to find out who he was. :) I was pleasantly surprised.


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