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Sunday, June 8, 2008

How Did It Happen?

::::: UPDATE::::

For a much more detailed analysis double click on the image:

With the help of this diagram created by Renegade15 we have been trying to map out the last few moments before Gina's "lifeless" body was seen on the floor. Where was the shooter? What kind of gun was used? What kind of bullet? Was Gina hit? How did she fall in that direction? Was there blood? Is Gina really dead? Where is the body? Where is Sarah?

If you have a theory leave a comment below and let us know what happened.
See also: The "why Gina is still alive" thread.


  1. Are you flipping kidding me? You think they worked out things like angles and momentum? Have you seen this series before? Someone has way too much time on their hands.

  2. Well obviously the shot came through the dining room window (which is off to the left of the diagram, oddly behind Jennie & Emma - see the video when Daniel makes breakfast and they figure out Gina's sketch of Moms Avery), because:

    (a) that's where the laser sight on Jonas' forehead was coming from, and...

    (b) since neither Carl nor Lucy had a gun with a laser sight, we can assume that it was the Shadow (the first of three set of feet at the end of video 3) that took the shot, and he entered the living room from that direction, possibly through the broken window (I don't remember if there's a door to outside in the kitchen).

    All this is odd because it would've made more sense for the bullet(s) to hit Jennie & Emma, because Gina is behind them in the firing line, unless they hit the deck first, and Gina got popped.

    It makes more sense that the bullet(s) come through the window behind the couch in the diagram, cuz then it's a direct hit on Gina, but the laser sight doesn't point that way, and plus Daniel has already shown us that that side of the house (with the deck) is raised far off the ground, so if the shots came that way, they'd have to be from a shooter very high up in the trees.

    So, I guess Jonas went in the direction of the arrow (or turned around Gina in a clockwise motion from 3 o'clock to 6 o'clock), Jennie and Emma stopped, dropped, and then ran the hell outta there, and Gina basically turned in place, from facing the couch, to pulling Jonas and then facing his original position, therefore getting shot in the back.

  3. Secret organizations in the US have had access to magic bullets since the 1960s. Come on!

  4. Back
    and to the left
    and to the left
    and to the left

  5. *sigh* Gina's dead, peeps. Move on. Get over denial and work towards acceptance. Out.

  6. Was there a grassy knoll outside the house?

  7. i don't get it...don't y'all know that sarah AND daniel are making out in the bathroom.

    put two and two together y'all...

  8. Are you saying they're both in on it? Possibly Danny B never recovered from spin art & the Cowboy? Hmmmmm...

  9. eff you guys...it was Gallows. GALLOWS I TELLZ YA'!!!

  10. There was a second shooter on the grassy knoll.

  11. Hah! I posted my comment and then read Joe's.


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