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Monday, June 9, 2008

Tez on Toast - Terrence (KM)

Tez On Toast said...

Meet the Russell family...



  1. Terry-boy is probably the creepiest villan in either series. Something is wrong upstairs with him.

  2. Now this is how you do a villain!

    But it sounds to me like my original theory is correct. I think Terrence re-emerged because someone is using his "trademark" dog-collar and bondage trick without asking his permission. That is why he is talking about being wronged. Also the one he's going after... I don't think it's any of the KateModern crew. I think he's going after Clore (who faked her death).
    While this would be a good thing... to have a super-creepo antisocial serial killer like Terrence go after Michelle Clore... but (if my theory is correct) Clore has Lauren... After Terrence is done with Clore, what's to say he won't go after Lauren???

  3. Whoa, talk about creepy! Just beat up a random family at a park? It made me laugh though, it's just so crazy.

    Yeah, guess this means he doesn't have Lauren otherwise he would have said something about her, that's for sure. Clore must have got her, let's hope Terrence will kick her ass. I rather have Terrence alive then Clore.

  4. I haven't got much to add except to say that geez, I love this series.

  5. Wait you mean Terrence is a Villian ? I Thought he was the hero, hes the only one who see's things for what they are, stupid and funny haha

  6. What did he mean about Gavin? I think he said (to Gavin) "You can't see this where you are." Did I hear that correctly?

    Where is Gavin that he cannot see videos online? Has Terrence grabbed him?

  7. Gavin's at the mental hospital, presumably. Charlie mentioned that they "got him help."

  8. Yeah, I agree with anonymous. :)

  9. P.S.

    Why is he playing on Charlie's Bebo name so much??

  10. Because Charlie is Steve's girl, kate's best friend. An the most desirable.

  11. This really should have been titled "Tezmanian Devil."

  12. LoL Apo.

    Yeah I also agree with anonymous. I think they briefly mentioned that Gav's getting "help." I don't know about you, but in my family that means "mental hospital" or "rehab."


    Is it sad that my family has a term for one one of us is in a mental institution or going to rehab???

  13. Hmmmm, then there is a chance that Terrence and Gavin will be living an adjoining padded cells...

  14. OK, well that was just creepy.


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