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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inappropriate Post Pulled

LG15Today is a community blog and your opinion does matter!

If you think something is inappropriate, or not suited for LG15Today, simply let us know and we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs from this blogspot in any way possible.

We're all in this together, and what you feel genuinely effects the outcome of this blog.

Simply put, this playground is for all of us. We all should feel comfortable here, That is the goal and aim of such a large community project.


  1. what happened? did someone pull something? if so, why?

  2. lol greg pulled the video he posted, it wasnt that bad lol was la scene of lg15 with a tv in the background with a video of a girl dancing about or something....was just crap =p

  3. lol, i guess I will catch it later


  4. it was a scene from Breaking Up? with Jonas and Daniel talking and superimposed on the wall was a plasma screen tv with what looked like a porn sex scene going on. Let's just say, Greg may have "cracked" into the scene a bit too far for the comfort of some. While it wasn't a violation of the "penal code", it was a bit cheekier than usual. I didn't have my sound on but it was a leeeeeeeeetle on the graphic side --



  5. :):):) Well as Greg said we do listen when we post stuff.

  6. Oh come on, we all know the reason the post was pulled...we all know TAAG doesn't have a TV. So unrealistic! ;)

  7. linkie please? i'm a bit light on lg15 porn right now.

  8. Ask and Ye shall receive :


  9. i'm surprised the creators accepted that as a response lol

  10. lol, i wondered if it was going to be jimbovids, i'm subscribed to him, he's bizarre.

  11. Loretta/JALG said...
    i'm surprised the creators accepted that as a response lol

    Perhaps it's product placement for porn???


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