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Saturday, June 28, 2008

KateModern: What did you think?

Ok, we are still waiting on the final chat but it is never too soon to ask for your comments. This time we want both your reaction to KateModern: The Last Work and also the KateModern series as a whole.

What did you think of The Last Work. Is this what you expect from social entertainment. How about the story. Who was your favorite character. What about your favorite actor. Did you have a favorite moment. What was awesome and what, well, not so much. What would YOU have done different. What did you think of NowLive. What about the amount of interaction in the finale.

Did it all live up to YOUR expectations? Here are the poll results during and shortly after the live event ----->

Leave a comment below and let us know what YOU think.


  1. Ill just repost what i said after the video.

    They seem to be leaving it slightly open ended in case they decide to come back, but i doubt they ever will.

    In all, i feel kinda dissapointed, what did this finale do ? nothing, what did we learn, not much significant, what happened nothing really, it was all a bit of nothing....

  2. I enjoyed it from start to finish, it was entertaining and had plenty of twists and turns. It gave us some answers and left us with some more questions.
    I do believe that some of the characters will appear again the LG15/KM universe, Julia particular.

  3. The only question I have that is still lingering is... Just what was the secret to Michelle Clore's last work???

    It seemed a bit much to create a myth around something when you were going to set them up anyway. It seemed enough that Julia's abuse was enough to set up Charlie. Why create a myth of Michelle Clore's last work containing some big Order secret???

  4. It had her bank account details in it....and they wanted money i guess...

  5. They didn't though. Not Jules and Rupert anyway. Just the FTO. Rupert just wanted the painting for the bank details. But alas, now the shadow will be rich. Holla!

  6. I really loved The Last Work and the whole series. It was entertaining the whole year through. I really hope KM will go on in some sort of way, maybe some characters in that new show the creators are gonna do. I think Matthew Gammie, who played Terrence, did an outstanding job!! He was so scary and believable, an also funny sometimes. He was the ultimate villain for me, lg15 can learn from that.

    People who are saying we didn't found out a ot are wrong imo. We now know Kate's life story, we know now what Rupert really wanted from Julia, Terrence is dead (let's assume that). And about the painting: in the last chat on nowlive, the writer of KM said that the painting contained Clore's passwords to her bank account. Don't really know what that's got to do with the storyline, but that's what the writers said.

    I will miss this show so much, it really gave me more happiness to watch then lg15 did in season 2 and season 3(so far). Really creators, keep the KM writers and actors in some sort of way!

    Ok, end of rant now ;)

  7. I should add that my negative comments are against the fact that overall i love KM, especially with crap like LG15 and Sofias Diary on the net, KM is the top of internet shows and would be hard to ever beat.

  8. Overall, it was a great finale, but I had to give it an "Awesome!!" rating on the thrill meter due to the clever details... the Gnome as a weapon against Terrence, Charlie with a samurai sword, Clore's shadow telling Rupert that Julia's baby might be black, etc. in the show.

    I also really enjoyed many of the supporting performances, crazy Joseph was so funny, Kate's mom filled in her story in a moving way, and Julia's Dad was good too.

    And the live chats were a bit choppy (for technical reasons) and a bit short at times, but well done - Sophie is great at interaction - and Toe was hilarious.

    After the nuclear bunker last time, I was expecting a little more darkness in this finale, (Terrence was entertaining, but not really as scary as he could have been), but I had a good time watching throughout, and it was nice to get a happy ending (except for bitter Julia, of course.)

  9. i think the finale was great and def loved all the little details that only a fan would pick up on.

    I seriously commend the KM team for creating an amazing show that actually answered all of our questions for once. I am definately going to miss it and really hope to see it come back down the line maybe? an update of their lives and such. its amazing how attached and real this all can feel.

    terrence was funny and not annoyingly scary this time and I think he did a great job in the finale. I loved the twist of Julia and the shadow sleeping together. Rupert is a bastard and I'm glad he got shot. I was really creeped out by the idea of Julia having Cloire's and ruperts baby.

    I am so glad to be a part of this community. It was amazing, I just cant go on about how good the final and show was, sure it had its slow points where i wasnt interested, but all in all it was great :)

  10. Just a note on the "thrill meter" ... I put it up on the blog the day before so people would have time to notice it before the 12in12 started ... and at least two people voted "Kill Me Now" before the first episode aired ... now that's pessimism ;) ... I was actually expecting far fewer of the extreme "OMG Orgasmic" and "Kill Me Now" votes, but I guess those were the most fun to select.

  11. Come by to the after party TJ's still going strong.. http://www.nowlive.com/comboplayer/NewComboPlayer.aspx?id=63725&agree=true

  12. I just noticed that when Terrence broke into the live chat office where Charlie was with the Celestial Network guys and Meryl, he said to Meryl, "You look like someone that should have their own show." lol

  13. It was good. I'm glad we found out about Kate. That was the major thing I was afraid they would leave out.

    I would just like to know about Julia. I feel bad for her. It was so sad.

  14. Quite disappointed, there were some things I would have liked for them to resolve, and others that I think should have been left open ended...needless to say, I am very sad that Kate Modern is over. I hope our favorite characters will come back soon.


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