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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Secret World of Sam King - Sneak Peek

Previously, LG15 Today reported that a new web series, "The Secret World of Sam King" is in the works as a joint collaboration between Universal Music and Bebo.

Right now, if you try viewing www.bebo.com/samking, you will find you cannot - the profile is locked.

However, LG15 Today intrepid reporter, QtheC, found what appears to be a pilot episode on YouTube (with only 22 views when I first watched it), and I am the one and only subscriber for the channel. So, here's the scoop, as long as it lasts:


  1. nice find, qthec.

    behold the future of online series. i just watched a 5 minute commercial.

  2. I vote that these videos never see the light of LG15Today again. Seriously.

    Anyone notice the mic accidentally come into the scene at around 3:54 at the far left??? LMAO. Lame!

    Congrats on you being the first subscriber Q. I doubt that's something you're going to be bragging about in a few weeks.

  3. I don't think this is an official channel for the show - probably just one of the producers testing the video on YouTube I would guess.

  4. that makes sense qthec, i found this:


  5. Steisan Chapman, that's who she is:


    "Streisan Chapman joined Bebo at the launch of its commercial operations in February 2007 as a UK sales manager."


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