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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You've Been Framed - Steve (KM)

Steve said...

Does anyone know how we can find out what was so special about Clore's last work?

Lauren: I don't know if there's anything in this, but when I was meeting with the FTO the other week, they were looking into this theory about Clore's mysterious last work. They reckon there's something hidden in it. Maybe we need to look into why someone would want to steal it.

Julia: Cause it's worth a load of money. Don't you think that's reason enough?

Lauren: Nah. I reckon there's more to it than that. (Sigh) I wish I could remember what they said. W- they're online. We gotta look up these theories online.

Steve: Right, okay. (Turns camera to self) If anyone out there knows anything on the FTO theories, please let us know. E-even if you have to look it up online, we need your help. In the meantime, I suggest we try and do everything we can to figure out who is behind this. Okay? You with me?

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  1. I don't know the source of this text, but southsidehope posted the following on the lg15.com comments under the video:


    southsidehope Says:
    June 24th, 2008 at 3:18 pm
    Michelle Clore’s Last Work

    The FTO has discovered that Michelle Clore has created a piece which will be made public only in the event of her death. The reasons for the existence of this work and why she wants exhibit it posthumously are unclear. In the course of our investigations we have come across a number of different theories as to the true nature of this piece:

    1. It contains the secret to eliminating trait-positivity in carriers’ blood.
    2. It contains the codes and passwords needed to access her fortune.
    3. It contains a list of Order Elders with whom Michelle Clore has to compete for the blood of trait-positive girls.
    4. It contains the names of those girls who were made artificially trait-positive in the trials which the Order tricked Dr Griffin into carrying out.
    5. It contains sensitive information exposing the inner workings of the Order and records of their treachery stretching back hundreds of years.
    6. It is just another stunt dreamt up by an artist with an enormous ego.

    If anyone has any further information about Michelle Clore’s last work, please get in touch.

  2. Great - I'll add this to the page!

  3. Hello! Obviously they stole it cuz it's madd pretty fo shoz. Or it contains a secret map leading to the location of P. Monkey. I'd steal it for that reason! Do I have anything serious or helpful to say... No.

  4. Je suis fatigue.

    Oh yeah, 5 years of french in school and thats all i remember.

  5. fyi, the FTO theories about "Michelle Clore's Last Work" came from this bebo page:



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