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Saturday, June 7, 2008

You Be The Judge!

"Oh. I am not very good at this. I have never put on eye liner before. I think it is even. At least I hope so."

Although Gina claims she is not very good at putting on eyeliner, she has worn it in numerous other videos, most visibly in Backyard Bikini Patrol.


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  1. Are you suggesting there is a plot hole...in LG15?!?! :O

  2. The fact that she was wearing it doesn't necessarily mean that she put it on herself.

  3. So who has been putting it on for her? Sarah? Jennie? Jonas? Daniel? Carl?

  4. B-man, in the final video Gina said:

    ""Oh. I am not very good at this. I have never put on eye liner before. I think it is even. At least I hope so."

    Did she lie or not?

  5. because the creators needed a line to put in there that was "gina-like"?

  6. :):):) It was a strange line. I mean she is 21. I guess it is possible, but how many girls in the USA have never put on eye liner by 21? I guess she did grow up with Dr. Hart but still, it is hard to imagine hanging out with Sarah etc and not learning a few basics. Right?

    So, why put a line in there that was so deliberately misleading. Maybe it is a hidden code.

  7. "So who has been putting it on for her? Sarah? Jennie? Jonas? Daniel? Carl?"
    Probably the other Girls.
    Do remember that she has spent most of her life as a lab rat and not had chance to be a "real girl".

  8. Still not buying it. She would have learned pretty quick. Most young human females are pretty sensitive about anyone but a pro work with their eye liner.

  9. but she's supposed to be a tomboy doncha see? she builds benches and shelves! she's not really a girl or a woman, she's not "feminine" (whatever that means) like the other girls... so, she doesn't know how to do her make-up either, because, see, that's the thing with girls: we are either whores or saints or mothers, and that's it. we can't possible be more or even something a little bit more complex.
    so, if putting on eyeliner was a sign of gina abiding by the rules of femininity and letting go of her "youthful tomboyness" then i'm glad she died before it happened!

  10. maybe she meant in the style like prom...

    ...nah. It's a plot hole.

  11. Um, how exactly is whether she can put eyeliner on or not a "plothole"?

    Plotholes mean that a significant plot is dropped and/or a detail in the plot is contradicted leading to signicant gaps in story. How would Gina being able to put on eyeliner or not effect anything in the plot we've seen so far? If she COULD put on eyeliner, would she no longer be Bree's sister? Or a lab-rat of the Order? Would she have not been shot?

    I suppose a few of you philosophical types will say, "of course". Anyone seen The Butterfly Effect?

    Though the "eyeliner debate" refers to a character trait...we are debating whether it is in character for Gina to know how to put on make-up or not. That is totally different from plot.

    Oh crap, have I just created the term "characterholes"? I hope not, cause it sounds wrong if you ask me. Definitely not PG-13.

    But my real point is: I'm just saying that if you want to throw "plothole" around, know what it MEANS at least.

  12. This are joke.

  13. hehe characterholes makes me giggle.

  14. Her body isn't even cold and we're calling her a liar.

  15. I think the correct term would continuity error. Right?

  16. maybe carl usually puts on her make-up? I could see that

  17. i don't see it as a plothole. obviously gina was lying, because she is/was in the order.

  18. "I think the correct term would continuity error. Right?"

    Continuity errors generally refer to an error appearing in a continuous sequence of scenes. For example: a scene in a classroom is going on and in one shot, a student has a backpack on but in the very next shot (which, in time sequence, is directly after the first), the student is no longer wearing the packback. If this were "real life", the backpack has appeared to disappear into thin air.

    It is generally the job of what is called a script supervisor to watch for these types of errors on set. With generally just one set of eyes looking out for these errors, you can imagine how they can happen quite often.

    And that's your Production Is Fun! lesson for the day. Tune in next week! ;)

  19. mm, I'm 20, and I've never put eyeliner on myself :p

    Maybe I'm Gina reincarnated? Who knows :p

  20. Does it even matter? She was just killed, let's worry about that.


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