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Friday, July 11, 2008

Chat Live with the Creators 7/14

Chat Live with the Creators 7/14
by Broken Kid on Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:48 pm

Chat live with the Creators on

Monday, 7/14 at 4 pm PST (7 pm EST) on nowlive.com.
Stop in to ask questions about the end of lonelygirl15, the new shows announced, or the new website, or just offer your comments.

Follow the chat link on Monday to access the nowlive chat. Hope to see you there!


The last IG chat was held here: http://www.nowlive.com/comboplayer/NewComboPlayer.aspx?id=73567. We do not currently know if the same room will be used for an OOG chat.

See other post in the meta discussion:



  1. Hosting it on NowLive is really stupid. Can we please move it to IRC?

  2. 1. NowLive is a highly unstable platform

    2. We have had a lot of problems in the past with browsers freezing

    3. It is very difficult to log the discussion

    4. It is a very poor format for a serious discussion of issues.

    IRC beats NowLive in ever single point listed above by a very wide margin.

  3. *Plays devil's advocate*
    But NowLive sounds so much cooler the IRC.

    If that was the best I could do, the devil is screwed.

  4. lol

    Just ask them about the 8 minutes Joe. It is the KEY to everything.


  5. Will it move discussion of serious issues forward? That is the key question in terms of where the chat is held. Right? How can it be productive when browsers crash or freeze? Is it not better to host it where we can have an intelligent debate? Do we even have an agenda yet for the chat? What questions will be discussed and how will they be asked. For example in the OOG chat with Jeromy we had a procedure for asking questions in advance and then people took turns asking their question according to the schedule. Once those were out of the way there was time for random discussion.

  6. I've used NowLive for over a year now, and it actually IS a very good system and stable.

  7. We talked to a lot of people during the KM finale and a lot of people had browser freeze and crashes. Just ask around if you do not believe us. We were trying to relay information into the KateModern IRC chat just so that people could keep up with the show.

    It might work for some people but this chat is supposed to be for EVERYONE.

  8. What better way to silence dissent than to allow the voices of the masses to drown amongst themselves?

  9. Is it possible to set up NowLive to be broadcast only (i.e. turn off all chat?)... and use an IRC chat room for the chat portion? (then perhaps it would not hang so much?)

    Because IRC only is too painful - either almost everyone has to be devoiced, or the scroll will be horrible.

    I agree Nowlive is flaky, but at least everyone can listen and hear the responses to questions - that aspect is definitely better than chat only.

  10. For that matter, BreeFM with IRC chat might be a better solution.

  11. The time of the chat isn't very non-American friendly. I hope they record the chat like they did with KM finale.

  12. The time of the chat isn't very non-American friendly. I hope they record the chat like they did with KM finale.

  13. NowLive does have a podcast feature that can be turned on. This was used for both Mixed Media and Yousef's NowLive show. However the feature was not used for any of the KM events. KM instead used a computer "screen capture" technique but this resulted in some of the chat information being permanently lost. It did have the advantage that it captured the video and the chat video. We believe that the podcast feature is audio only. If they are going to used NowLive it would perhaps be a good idea to use both techniques to record the chat.

  14. mm, i hope someone can record the audio just in case. but i know nowlive has the ability to record the audio and text, though its probably hard to sync together after the fact.

    i don't have problems with using nowlive -- both nowlive and irc have their own quirks.

    is the chat going to be very effective for those with hard core questions? no, but at least its a start.

  15. I know we will not be able to record either the audio or the text because of browser freezing. It happened during both KM events so I hope others will make the effort.

    It would also be nice to have full support from NowLive since it is stable on their end. If they provide the podcast and also agree to post the text chat log then that would be helpful.

    That just leaves the agenda and questions to deal with and I hope Miles/Gregg will make sure that is sorted out before the chat

  16. I'm very disappointed with the choice of NowLive.

    I'm not one to easily get out of the IRC environment that has been kind of like my second home for a while now. Everyone from IRC will agree that we have built a very close community that at least in my eyes(and I'm sure others will back me up on this) has been very much overlooked.

    There's a lot of knowledge about the platform and a lot of willingness to cooperate into making chats like these a smooth and effective experience. We have the knowledge on how to make sure things turn out well, but it seems like there is no intention of using this knowledge. Apart from accepting comments here and there with the complete freedom to ignore them completely, which in many cases they are.

    Fact: IRC has proven it's value when it comes to valuable discussion.

    My concern is mainly that the community work is overlooked. People have been chipping in on making sure logs are made of conversations. There are even automatic logging systems in place on IRC. An audio log is hard to make with crashing browsers and even harder to search through.
    This affects not only the people taking care of the logs but also the people working on LGPedia, the blogspot and more fan based initiatives, since it will be hard to actually save this information. Either this has been completely overlooked or the creators do not want to be held accountable for their words. Frankly I think and hope it's the first.

    Apart from that I would like to point attention to the flexibility of IRC and the many options it provides to give more and more control over high profile situations with many people attending. Like this chat with the creators for example.
    Right now there is actually a fan created interaction system that is being tested for character/vip chats with clean conversation, moderation of questions and conversations, automatic logging, while staying dynamic and effective when it comes to sharing information, dynamic story telling and gaining valuable input.

    The entire creator live chat is starting to look more and more like a press conference than an actual discussion with the goal to take community input at heart and work together on finding the best solution for all.

    The creators need to realize that this community is the key to their success. Keep your community happy and you will have viewers. Not only that, but value the community input and use their knowledge. That will ensure the existing community will stick around and feel appreciated, which in an ideal situation should be a bigger concern over winning new people. Because new people are worthless if they don't stick around.
    A community viewer is not just a single viewer either. These are the people who act as the ambassadors of your show and any future shows. They are the seed out of which you grow a show organically.

    As a lead up to the upcoming chat I would also like to know why this website that is supposed to make the experience more enjoyable for the community is built without the input from key community members. Wouldn't it have been very valuable to have direct input from the people that will actually be using the website during development?
    Here we are just weeks before the final release and as far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong) no fan/community member/user has laid eyes on the new website. So in fact there is no guarantee that it actually complies to the wishes and needs of the community. That makes you wonder if the drive for innovation isn't getting in the way of ensuring an end product that everyone will be happy with.


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