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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Graveflowers - RevenantRed

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I celebrated the move to Lexington with a few drinks, and ended up re-living some horrible memories.


  1. The wife looks a little like silverblue.

  2. and while you moved you stole the voice of Greg Gallows.

  3. That Aint no gal named Silver, Q. Though I have seen that lass an' she is awfully pretty. That is my ol' lady Megan and my daughter Aliza.

    They were the only thing that justified the existence of a sorry sack like me.

    And I lost 'em. I lost 'em in the blink of an eye.

  4. Hey now, just because the guys got a pretty voice doesn't mean I should be the one taking credit for it ;)

  5. Things ... I meant to say things ..

    Sorry, i've had a bit to drink tonight and my typin' skills aint as good as they oughta be.

  6. Ah good OOG find Q!
    It would make sense if that were silver. Now more than likely I'm inclined to believe she will be coming into this series in the future, seeing how her and Greg are gonna meet up in Portland. Perhaps Perky and acid will make appearances as well??? Hmmmmm...

    Oh yeah... this is an OOG message. :)

  7. OOG : It isn't silver, I WISH I could get her on camera ;)

  8. and not like that! Pervs! :D

  9. Ahhh

    Hitting the bottle again Rev????

    I told you. Salvation is only a stone throw away.

    Be well.


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