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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Something is Coming - thisisapocalypsenow

Something is coming.
I can't stop it,
and neither can you.
Just know that 'it' is coming,
and we had all best be ready when it does.

This Is Apocalypse Now.


Javier says:

Have you ever wanted to be part of an arg, or webseries?
Do you have acting skills?
Are you just starting out but would love to make videos for a series?

I'm currently working on an arg about the apocalypse.
On one day, all within the same hour, tons of people upload videos to youtube, all talking about the same thing happening in their area.
There will be a central youtube channel, called "Apocalypse Now", that will have a playlist for each character in the series.

If you're interested, or would like to know more, pm me or leave a reply comment here.

The current theme of the Apocalypse Now webseries is 'end of the world by meteors.'

so if you saw that part of the movie Transformers, where the guy pulled out and started filming while running down the street, its basically that sorta theme.
only instead of transforming robots crashing into the city, its destructive meteors, asteroids, etc crashing into your city, hometown, etc.


  1. DUDE!!

    I am so getting in on this!

  2. Yep, sounds like a fun idea.

    Ack! the sky is falling! Oh, just the ceiling - no worries then.


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