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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Greg Says:

immortal1 - I don’t think it’s fair to say that we only recognize “EQAL” characters. We often reference community members in the videos by username. A username is essentially the equivalent to a character created by a member of the community. We don’t want to stifle creativity and we want to encourage the community created videos - both real and fictional. It is complicated to more fully integrate community created characters and storylines as we must pre-shoot a lot of the videos so that we can organize schedules with cast/crew. We also don’t want to be looked as playing favorites to some community members over others. I’d like to keep this dialogue about this topic going so we can find ways to do even more interaction as we progress with all of our shows. We should talk about further in our live chat.

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  1. Hey Greg, do you really think a live chat is the best way to work out details for something this complicated? Why not a discussion thread? This issue has been around for a long long time. It is time to nail it down once and for all don't you think?

  2. I'm a little unclear on how having a username makes you a character. It's confusing-if creating a username makes you a character then how can you use the same username to post in both IG and OOG sections? The accepted use for usernames are as alias' used for everything from email addresses to various site accts. When I pay my credit card acct online I don't do it as a fictional character.

    Did you know there is a "FanFic and LG15 Character Interaction" section of the forum that no LG15 character has ever posted in? It's very presence creates an expectation. This is just one example. I don't see how wanting things clear up front so no false expectations are created is bitching.

  3. I think there is a very big difference between the creation of a fictional character and the use of a screen name to play out TINAG. They are quite different entities.

  4. Some of you are so freaking ungrateful it's embarrassing.
    I really hope the Cs don't think the views of the few of you that seem to want the world, are shared by the views of the community, because they're NOT.

    THANK YOU Greg, for taking time to respond, and thank you Cs for incorporate the community in ways many other shows wouldn't even consider doing.

  5. Anon, i don't think it is that anyone is ungrateful. We are just trying to clarify the concept of "EQAL" so that we can avoid the type of confusion that has taken place in the past. We all want the most creative environment. We just want to know how far they are willing to push the envelope and help them define a process for accomplishing those shared goals.

  6. Anon, put a name to the words. Pretty cowardly. We're very grateful to the C's for the entertainment they've given. We just don't want false expectations created. For most, the integration desired is not a full-scale integration (although that would be totally AWESOME), but a mention of the series or such. Even something as simple as putting a few names on a certain list of girls would be great. We do appreciate, Greg, that it would take a lot to fully integrate. That's why all the fans appreciate the attempts you have made, and we thank you for it. However, there is the feeling among some that some of the longstanding fanfic series have been largely ignored. *shrug* We're just asking for clarification.

    BTW, acknowledging a username is not exactly the same as acknowledging a character. ;D


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