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Friday, July 4, 2008

Lonelygirl15 storyline comes to an end.

"LG15 Update

We have some exciting news to announce! Over the last several months, we have been working to rebuild the LG15 website. Our programmers and designers have been working tirelessly to code and design a new social network platform. In August, we will relaunch LG15.com as a full-functioning social network with profile pages, chat, forums, comment boards, blogs, groups, and other tools. In the future, we will be integrating third party sites such as YouTube and Twitter into the platform so that you can manage your accounts from LG15.com as well as import your videos, photos, and messaging into your profile pages. We are very excited and eager to show you what we have built. During the month of August we ask you to beta test the site, send us your feedback, and invite friends to join the new and improved LG15 community.

We will also be premiering a new LG15 Universe show based in the US. It will bring together the best parts of lonelygirl15 and KateModern, including some of your favorite characters. To make room for the new storyline and characters, we’ve decided to bring the lonelygirl15 storyline to an end. We are working with amazing writers and actors and are very excited about the new show. To this community, it will feel less like a new show and more like another chapter in the LG15 storyline that picks up where lonelygirl15 and KateModern left off. To new members of the community, it will be a new story that they can get into from the start so they can experience the show without the need to watch over 500 videos. Get ready for an exciting lonelygirl15 finale on August 1!

This is very exciting for all of us and we are so happy to share it with you. It has been a long road and many of you have been there with us from the beginning. We are excited to have you continue with us on this journey. Remember, we are counting on you to test the site during August and September and report your feedback so we can fix all the bugs before the new show launches.

- The LG15 Team"

Source: insideLG15

What do you think of Lonelygirl15 ending and the rest of the LG15 update?

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  1. Interesting.
    Where will this new show take place (L.A.? London? Or someplace in between?)? Who will be writing this new show? Which characters will be crossing over? Where will this new show take place (lonelygirl15 YouTube account? or entirely new one?)? Will we still be "Fighting the Order" or will there be a new big bad (God I hope so!)?
    There are so many questions. I'm afraid I'll be missing the last week of LG15. But I guess this isn't a goodbye for LG15... just see ya soon.


    *gets upset and "accidently" aims fireworks at the neighbos house*

    jk, I dont have fireworks because theyre illegal ;)

    But seriously, WHAT THE BLOODY EIGTH DIMENSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh and it will clearly be taking place in NYC, best city ever.


  4. Through the fire and the flames we carry on ...

  5. Km is over now LG15!!
    Well i kinda expected!!!
    I hope a new one will start in Ireland! or at least there will vist here!!

  6. hopeful :D, you said almost exactly what i did at the end of your comment
    check it out

    i love how the moment you posted this, everyone is going to have there opinions and ideas about how you shouldnt end it and its not over yet, and its just silly doing what your doing.

    but you’ve been doing this for years, both shows became an amazing experience.. i had fun watching each episode, solving puzzles, seeing what the main characters got into.

    i was obsessed with lonelygirl, when KM came out i wasnt sure i would like it. but i fell in love with it as well, i can understand though why people are upset or even sad about this ending, you probably are too. working all this time, now its got to end.

    like daniel in one of the videos said, maybe its time for them to consider different paths. and they might not even be there when jonas comes home. who knows. except you guys of course.

    but, this new show..this new site, whatever you do with it, will be amazing. and i will watch it, and possibly even enjoy it.

    congratulations on so many years of the most amazing shows ive ever seen. (seriously, they’re better than whats on television, except..perhaps a show that ended years ago called Buffy The Vampire Slayer, best show ever. besides lonelygirl, katemodern)

    i know what its like to love something, and have it end. and yeah.. i probably will be upset after its gone, like i was when harry potter came to an end. you just get so attached to characters, its like you know them. you can relate to them. and then you lose them.

    but, this isnt goodbye. just see you next time.

    (marks august 1st on calender)

  7. I think this is great! I cant wait to see what they have in store. I can't wait to finally get some closure on this story line. LG was very juvenile, and often bored some of the older viewers. KM was much more mature, but not everyone was willing to accept it. Supposedly this new show will be a venture that marries the two shows together under a new, and somehow independent singularity. Well sign me up!



  8. I'm not surprised, but I am sad.

  9. ive made another video.

    ehh, dont mind me, im shamelessly plugging my own videos.

    i made this right before i found out that the LG series was coming to an end. but .. now that i think about it, it fits.


  10. Thank god they made a good move on ending it and starting again, lets hope they dont shit it up.

    But the "social networking" thing just annoys me, cant any website not be a "social networking" website nowadays, its a pointless and cheap way to attract people.

  11. IMO the new show must include:
    - Daniel
    - Taylor (and I guess Sarah then as well)
    - Spencer
    - Purple Monkey
    - Nikki B
    - Charlie
    - Steve and or Gavin
    - Julia (we need a villain)
    - Lucy
    - Lee
    - Sophie

    But that's probably a bit too much of hopeful dreaming. Ah well. I'll have my dreams! Let LonelyModern begin!

  12. What about LG15Today?

    Will you guys rename yourselves to EQALToday?

  13. DamnWeThoughtThisWouldLastForeverToday.blogspot.com

    Bookmark it! Now!

  14. I am not surprised at this, but I am very sad.

    This will give a much needed fresh start to the Breeniverse and its characters.

    I'm kind of excited for the social networking aspect, I don't think it will be like myspace/facebook, but a more organized way of learning about those interested in these series...kind of like the quarterlife website.

  15. thank god. hire new writers and actors.

  16. Just in case....... http://436today.blogspot.com/



  17. I'm not sure what'll happen next, but I'm excited and sad at the same time.

  18. while I am completely shocked and appaled.
    I expected this completely. When they announced that KM was over, and they were launching a new show in Italy, it became very obvious what the next thing was going to be. And with the way tat Kate ended....well com'on. PLUS with all this talk of everyone going their seperate ways (again....for the second summer in the row) is became so freaking obvious what they were doing. I mean seriously....look at the show and how it's been going from last year on. It's kind of obvious why they would start from scratch. They completely botched this series.
    Either way it does make me sad. and I'm now looking back and wondering where the last 2+ years of my life went to.

  19. Eh it's not like you'd be doing anything productive anyway.

  20. "Just in case....... http://436today.blogspot.com/"

    DAM! Why didn't I think of that. When can we start posting things that don't exist?

  21. The new show has to have Daniel. The end.

  22. Joe said...
    "What about LG15Today?

    Will you guys rename yourselves to EQALToday?"

    When the new website and storyline arrive, there will also be a TOTAL update to LG15 Today consisting of the following changes:

    The main blog background color will change from #002E3F to #012F40

    The sideboard background color will change from #400010 to 410111

    The main font color will change from #EEEEEE to #EFEFEF

    These changes, while time consuming to implement, should greatly enhance the quality of LG15Today, and we hope, all it's readers' enjoyment.

  23. You may think "436 Today" blog was so named because of the legendary non-existance of the 436, but in reality, this is the 436th blog that modelmotion has created.

  24. lg15today... once we know what the new show's name will be, i think a discussion should be had on whether a new blog name is preferable. it can be lg15today forever as far as i care, i just hope it continues.

  25. Well we have not seen any sign yet that they intend to move away from the term LG15 Universe but as always this blog is a collaborative platform so we will be listening to what the community wants.

  26. I guess we will wait and see, but I can't foresee any reason to change the blog address. Its great as is.

  27. Yeah, I agree with virginian. Let's stick to this name, it's still gonna be the lg15 universe so don't see any reason why we should change the name.


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