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Friday, July 4, 2008

What do u think- Poknish


  1. Nice find Pok.

    I don't know how I feel about Sarah being the Big Bad all along. So what was up with her getting smacked around after she went home to Zavalla? Was Taylor really her sister? Is she an Elder or just someone trying to scare Jonas into giving up his "Fight the Order" dribble?

    One month for our answers to be revealed.

  2. omg, good job pok, I had suspected Sarah to be Lord Curruthers before, but this confirms it to me:P I knew it! but hope is right, does this mean taylor isnt really her sister???

  3. I always knew Sarah was evil. Anyone that abandons their ferret for a bunch of strangers has got to be evil!

  4. I love Sarah. She'd make an awesome bad guy. If she's bad, I hope she sticks around. Her and Lucy would be hott badass chicks.

  5. Or... they just asked the actor to do the voice over for the mysterious man as a means of saving money rather than hiring someone else to do it?


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