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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Importantly, What Would You Do? [Origins] - 6A616E65

Dear T,

54686579 206661696C6564 20746F 2044455354524F59 2074686174 200D0A7768696368 206C6179 20646F726D616E74 20756E646572 206D79 20686174 200D0A5B696E 206D79 20686561645D0D0A0D0A54686579 2077696C6C 20647562 206D65 2061 206C69617 20D0A427574 20496E666F726D6174696F6E 2077696C6C 207370726561640D0A5B4C696B65 2077696C64 20666972655D0D0A0D0A556E74696C 204F52444552 206275726E730D0A616E64 204348414F53 206973 20726573746F7265640D0A00

So, yeah...
I may need your help.


  1. At the moment, the YouTube channel www.youtube.com/6A616E65 is completely blank with no videos, and just has this minimal info:


    Joined: June 28, 2008
    Last Sign In: 22 minutes ago
    Videos Watched: 802
    Subscribers: 11
    Channel Views: 142
    Age: 30

    Country: Fiji

  2. The hex code in this article (from the now missing video) translates to:

    "They failed to DESTROY that
    which lay dormant under my hat
    [in my head]

    They will dub me a liar
    But Information will spread
    [Like wild fire]

    Until ORDER burns
    and CHAOS is restored"


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