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Saturday, July 5, 2008

"She Does Not Rest In Peace"

Over the July 4th weekend, the following videos appeared with lonelygirl15/redearth88 related tags. The third one has a puzzle in the description.

Statement Of Purpose

Better Times (Carry You With Me)

A Gift

The Choice is Yours


  1. The first two videos are on YouTube account NileiNDeNile.
    There is a third video on that account, also posted July 3rd, called 'The Choice is Yours' as a video response to Aly Zarin!

    'The Gift' video was posted on YouTube account DerrickDND with description "Lm kms jmuqk emq onqsqdlbir, emq sciy hdi dk cdhhr, nkl scidq cdhhr jdbcs furs gdhh n jnk."

    Using http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/caesar-keyed.php with a shift of 0 and key "Natalie" (word that flashes briefly in the video) yields the decrypted description:

    "Do not mourn for partridges, for they lie in hills, and their hills might just kill a man."

  2. NileiNDeNile's video log seems to be reacting to various redearth88 videos:


  3. finally some action in red earth! I was begining to think it was left for a dead story.


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