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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Come and Get Her - MessyNessy89

We have Nessy. You have Phoebe.

Make your choice.

(Note: This is an older MessyNessy video but it was chosen to be featured on LG15.com's Community Appreciation Week today, which is why I'm choosing to include it here: Congrats Loretta!)



Nessy and Cassie are part of the Hymn of One, and Nessy says that Bree and Cassie stopped talking after she found Drew Avery's trait negative research. Cassie then slipped into odd sleeping patterns and became extremely moody and depressed after her parents' deaths.

Nessy began posting videos in late December of 2007. At the time, she wasn't aware that Bree had perished, and later posted a video expressing her sadness upon hearing about it.

On January 2, 2008 Nessy entered #Hymnofone chat and answered questions and discussing ways to help Cassie come out of her depression. (see Messynessy89 chat 01/02 full). Nessy then decided to follow her sister the next day. Cassie caught her and took her footage, and, strangely, gave it back to her edited so it could be posted on Youtube.

The edits in the video were clues that led to a blogspot page in the name of a Dr. Hughbert Windham. He posted a blog on the same day Nessy posted her first video saying

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  1. Congratulation MessyNessy. This has been a great community video series from day 1.

    The level and execution of the interactivity/chat in this series has been really amazing.

    If you are not already a fan, subscribe:


  2. Congrats, MessyNessy89.

  3. Thanks so much guys!!! This really means a lot. XD

    - Loretta


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