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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Verdus Pharmaceuticals Updated

"Yesterday we asked you to check out the various websites in the LG15 Universe and look for any changes or updates. Nick found a press release on the Verdus website from August 6, 2008, which reveals that Verdus has filed suit against one of its former divisions. Everyone’s favorite “pharma guy” even provides a quote.

Read the press release."

Source: insideLG15


For Immediate Release

August 6 2008. – Los Angeles, CA – Verdus Pharmaceuticals has filed suit against LifesBlood LLC, a former “experimental” sub-division of its research and development department. Verdus is charging LBL with copyright infringement and corporate espionage for a substantial, but undisclosed sum.

Verdus co-chair Ted McKinley alleges that Dr. Leonard J. Alderman, along with several other LBL employees, have stolen several unique patents to claim as their own, when in fact they were developed by the former parent company.

“It deeply saddens me a respected colleague such as Len would stoop so low as to make off with our combined efforts,” McKinley said. Verdus believes LifesBlood LLC has plans to market future “life enhancement” drugs and technologies for the sole purpose of obtaining a greater, more insulated profit.

Earlier today, McKinley stated: “What Alderman and his staff fail to realize is that what we do here at Verdus – what we’ve always done – has nothing to do with money. It is about enriching and expanding the lives of people across the world.”

Verdus’s suit demands records of all correspondence, email, or other communications between Alderman and his staff, and asks the court to order LBL to immediately process the documents for release.


Verdus is a leading pharmaceutical company dedicated to making healthier people on a healthier planet. It was born in 1984 after philanthropist Thomas Verdus returned from a year long trek around the globe. After witnessing poor living standards in multiple third world countries, Verdus used his wealth to accrue a team of the nation’s foremost scientists and doctors. These talented individuals combined to realize Verdus’s noble intention of rectifying a world mired in various health crises. The company’s recent partnerships with smaller initiatives, such as the Lullaby Project and Wyman Foundation, have led to significant advances in the fields of pre-natal care and neurobiology. In 2007, Verdus’s “Live Longer and Stronger” research group, spearheaded by life extension researcher Dr. Calvin Hart, earned the company accolades from medical communities around the globe.


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NOTE: How do you steal a patent? If you have a patent, the owner is the owner. You can not "steal" it. Inventions might be stolen before being patented, or infringed after they are patented, but the language used by Ted is technically confused at best.

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  1. The Samsaran Doctrine has "Lifesblood" highlighted in a stain or something.


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