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Monday, September 22, 2008

The 436 Black Hole?

Earlier today we announced a new beta test of a social bookmarking feature on LG15 Today which takes advantage of the436.com. A few people have noticed that "The 436 Black Hole" discussion board that is used for the beta discussion is a full featured phpbb bulletin board similar to the one that used to be used on lonelygirl15.com.

We would like to point out that " The 436 Black Hole" does require a separate registration but it also offers a place where the community can discuss anything from the latest Twilight book to Gossip Girl on a bulletin board with a full feature set. As a community bulletin board you are also welcome to discuss any community video or LG15: The Resistance.

You will also find that "The 436 Black Hole" has links to AnchorCove.net which has a great bulletin board that covers the wider scope of web series on the Internet.

There is a link to "The 436 Black Hole" discussion board from the436.com social bookmarking site.


  1. I wonder if the could be the back hole I lost the other day?

  2. do you remember what it looked like? Did it have any distinguishing marks? We should all go check to see.

  3. all i "remember" was that it was very black and growing logarithmically....

  4. OK, is this a new web site someone started from LG15 or has this site always been around. This is scaring me.

  5. Who is admining/moderating on this website?

  6. I believe there is a thread where u can discuss that stuff in "The 436 Black Hole".


  7. I checked the new forums for information about the site's administration and found none before posting the question here.

    I like to know who is running things before registering for a new site.

  8. i will check to see what is for public release outside the436. Normally nothing comes out from a black hole, but things have been known to spontaneously generate at the event horizon before.

  9. Like Captains of the High Guard...those often appear close to black holes...

  10. Shouldn't I be getting a check or something?


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