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Monday, September 22, 2008

Nessy needs our help with this puzzle.

MessyNessy says:

So I wanted to update you all.

I escaped the house. I've been on the move as constantly as possible. Trying to check the computer wherever I see an internet cafe. I have my car, which is now also my home.

I wanted to tell you something I thought of that might help with the code.

Infinity was a logo the Order used on its shipments of Epogen, which Daniel found a while ago. I think, then, the infinity is symbolic of the Order.

I think, other than the number pattern, the key elements of the message are the word "Basic" and the number "8". Somehow, these elements should be applicable to the numbers. Anyway, I could be wrong. Its happened before, after all.

I hope that helps. I wish I could think of more. Good luck! I'll check back when I can. xoxoxo much love

Here is the description of the video, which contains the puzzle.


The Order must be trying to erase my memories. They brought me home for the weekend, but I'm locked in here. I have to get out before they come back for me and try to finish the job.

I think someone wants to help, but he/she is afraid of being discovered. My mind is too foggy to figure out what this person is trying to tell me. Can you?

Start with the Basics.
12 17 16 5 23
Remember that infinity is just an 8 that fell down
-An old friend"


  1. "Nessy
    Start with the Basics.
    12 17 16 5 23
    Remember that infinity is just an 8 that fell down
    -An old friend"

    If the code numbers are Base-8, then in decimal, they have values:
    10 15 14 5 19

    Converting to letters by position in the alphabet gives:
    J O N E S

  2. yay, MessyNessy got out.


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