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Friday, September 19, 2008

Poster competition for Perkins' 14

Katherine Pawlak, aka Emma from Lonelygirl15, recently won Massify.com's "Ghosts In The Machine" competition, winning the leading role in the upcoming film, Perkins' 14.

Massify is now calling those with graphic talent to submit enties in a poster design competition to promote the film. There is a link on the site to download movie stills to use in the entries, and the deadline is in about 30 days. Here is the email message massify sent out today about the competition:

Are you a graphic designer? Design the official poster for
Perkins' 14! Win a Wacom Cintiq, the must-have tool for graphic
designers, and the chance to see your poster play a pivotal role
in a major movie promo campaign.

You saw this movie evolve on Massify - from a concept needing a
cast to a real production by After Dark Films. Now use your
design skills to create the defining image for the film.

Learn more on http://www.massify.com/competition/poster

Judges will pick the top 5 entries, but then there will be community voting for the winner after that. It would be great to see someone from the LG15 Today community in the running.


  1. OH. i am SO entering. XD

  2. I'll try to enter. Do they have photos and information up that might be useful? I'll have to check.

  3. The provided a .zip file with some movie stills, but I thought it was a bit limited, and did not seem to feature Katherine Pawlak at all. Maybe they will post additional material?

  4. i submitted a poster.
    go check it out :D tell me what you think

  5. I think I will enter :)

  6. thanks q, i accidentally submitted the same thing twice >_<

  7. Katherine isn't the lead in this movie, Shayla Beesley is. Look at the IMDB for the movie here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1230211/


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