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Friday, September 19, 2008

Split - hymnofnone99 (LG15:The Resistance)

Will you run forever, Jonas?

Artist: Film School
Track: "What I Meant to Say"

Split - hymnofnone99 (LG15:The Resistance) on LGPedia.

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  1. This is probably my favorite video so far.

  2. Cheers for adding the lgpedia box and link and also adding the tags whoever edited it. I forgot about those. :D

    I like the style of this vid.

  3. This is one of my favorite videos ever. Having said that it makes no sense. I can kinda sorta buy the Resistance brought in an editor from 24--they could make some cool propaganda vids but who is this vid intended for? Not Jonas, he was there. And who it's intended for determines if the fancy editing makes sense. It has great potential though if they can figure that all out.

  4. i like this
    the editing is amazing, it brings back some tachyon memories.

    the video is probably intended for the community, this girl probably knows people are watching.

    and sarah, and uh, maybe theres other hymn of noners out there.

  5. Immo: I'd say the video is intended for the community at large. Who was The Human Ransom intended for? Same: the community.

  6. Amazing video!! If this is how this show is gonna be, then I'm so happy. Full of suspense!

    And this is the confirmation for me that Maggie is behind the HoN.

  7. very cool video ... one thing I was confused about though ... Did Jonas have two phones (one he took with him, and one left behind?)

  8. He has only the one, which he left as a message.

  9. kindredphantom: I have to respectfully disagree. The phone left was white with a message left on it. Jonas was called on a BLACK phone, which he stuck in his pocket before running. I believe he had two phones.

    And so for who this video was intended FOR, the subject clearly addresses Jonas. Though I think HoN's tactic is to show us what Jonas needs to see so that we will peer-pressure him into not being a wussy boy anymore. :)

  10. I'm counting on Jelly to do the trick.

  11. Somebody on the LG15 boards asked about Maggie's bowling abilities. I thought that was a great question.

    I also liked this video. I actually had to watch it twice to understand the end. But I have the plague so it might just be me.

  12. i kinda think the editing is pretty ridiculous and annoying, actually.

  13. @Anon: Respectfully disagreeing: I really liked it. It sorta reminded me of a comic book, actually. No, it wasn't in the style of The Human Ransom, but it was an interesting step in the style of the series (along the lines of The Human Ransom).

  14. "It sorta reminded me of a comic book, actually."

    since the lg:tr head writer has written a graphic novel, that is a good point.

  15. I had exactly the same thought - that it was laid out like a comic. It may be that there is more "story-boarding" being done now from the writers to the director?

  16. Since when does the FBI knock on the door, then wait for you to pack before busting in.


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