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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Article about Josh Fialkov & LG15: TR on MTV.com

“There’s a real punk rock esthetic to doing this,” Fialkov said. “What we’re doing is literally on the forefront, on the cutting edge, as far as the technology we’re using, the creative/narrative devices. We’re showing people how to use the Internet to make a show, how to develop a relationship with characters that you can’t have even on the best TV show. You can’t email Jack from ‘Lost,’ but you can talk to Jonas. The audience feels like they’re part of the puzzle.”

Read the article here


  1. Eh, I'm not sure if I like Fialkov...

    "We're showing people how to use the Internet to make a show..."

    It seems to me that Greg, Miles, and Mesh showed FIALKOV how to use the Internet to make a show, and then Fialkov wrote some stuff, right? I'm appreciative that he's writing this stuff for us, but I wish he didn't take all of the credit.

    Even more irritating is the fact that he's like, "OMG JOSS WHEDON SHOULD HELP US I BET HE'D LIKE IT A LOT."

  2. I think as in "We" he meant Eqal as a company. That's my understand at least.

    I think the writing has been excellent in the new show. I give him props.

  3. EQAL as a whole does deserve a lot of props for what they have accomplished but they need to avoid ending up like the Dogtown gang. (The most influential skateboard crew ever but the times past them by quickly.)

  4. Hey guys,
    Much like "We are the Resistance" "We" are also EQAL. :D

    Thanks for reading, watching, posting and for all the kind words folks!

    More good stuff to come from US (i.e. EQAL), I promise.


  5. I feel bad for what I said. Of course I slanted the article's tone and turned it into a negative tone from Josh. I apologize, Josh.


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