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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn has been commuting a lot for the last 3 weeks working on a new project. There is a video series component, There is a web site community component. And there is a component on a huge scale. Over the course of the next month Glenn will be talking about it. It is different from what anyone would guess. It is very timely with where the World is at right now when such large issues. This project should be entertaining but it also aims to make a difference.

Loveline has taught Glenn everything he knows about good radio. Lately he has been listening to more talk radio because of the presidential election. There are "three sides to every story". If you listen "right wing radio" and you were to then watch all other media it is like watching two different realities. It is like alternate realities. People take what actually happened and tried to fit it into what they wished would have happen. Glenn liked John McCain in 2000 but now he is very different because he has become everything Glenn hates about politics. It would have been nice to see McCain with the character and dignity that made him admirable. He compared it to John Cusack.

Oct 12 is a very special day in our neck of the woods. It is the day of the "ceremony". It was actually a fake ceremony. Last year Glenn gave a break down of his thoughts on the ceremony. Glenn then played the "Glenns rant on fake and real ceremony (as heard on BreeFM)" section heard last year:

Is seemed like Bree was going to dye. Crazy, freaky. Glenn thought she would just disappear for a while. CIW built up every ones expectations because of the darkness. Then Bree showed up the next day. Fake ceremony? You are kidding me. Daniel's video was purposely very intense. Combined with CIW all the creepiness and weirdness came together. We were ready for human sacrifice. Glenn was hoping it was going to get really dark.

Part of the reason Glenn took his own story to play off lonelygirl15 was that there was real darkness in religion and it had been suppressed over time. If they had killed Bree then OpAphid could have claimed to have killed her.

They went to all the work to have a creepy fake ceremony to get Daniel to stop following Bree? That is kind of a flawed planned. If you want someone to stop following you the the real ceremony would have worked better.....a girl donating blood is much more boring. Maybe they blew all their money on the fake ceremony so they had to do a low key ceremony. Seriously!

You never go the woods for things. That is not normal. If you are meeting the woods you are burying a body, lighting something on fire or camping. You assume they are up to no good.

And then they took photos of him because they were all over ...... yet at the real ceremony there was no security.

Tachyon has moved onto bigger and better thing because this secret society is so inept it is going to implode on its own.

QtheC asked about the origin of "10033" It is not zip code. It was a code number.

Movie pick of the week
Glenn watched a movie the other night: "Primer". It came out in 2004. It is about time travel. It is like "In the company of men" meets "Back to the future". It was made on the cheap but it looks really good. It does not have a lot of exposition. Back to the future is beautifully layered. Sometimes too much exposition is worked into the dialogue in movies. Back to the future had a very natural way of doing it.

Some things in Primer are just not explained at all. The first act is slow but builds into an exciting second act. It has you believing that time travel could be accomplished in a more logical way than most movies. All the time travel occurs over a stretch of hours or days.

The third act tries to introduce so much stuff it is too much. There is a story element that comes out of no where. There are multiple versions of the same person in the same time line. The third act pales in comparison to act 2.

Because there is not a lot of exposition you can watch it more than once and figure out what it is all about. There are some puzzle like elements. You can find explanations online.

Glenn looked at a map the other day. What state is to the south of Minnesota? It is Iowa. Who knew?

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

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  1. And so RedEarth goes the way of Opaphid.

    How many times does this guy have to do this to this community before he overstays his welcome?

  2. Glenn will always be welcome in this community. He is one of the people who created it.

    Anon, we try to welcome everyone with L.O.V.E.

  3. Oh come on. He hopped on a train that was already going full speed. The only things he's created are stories that go absolutely nowhere.

    It's truly amazing how much criticism you, modelmotion, have given the C's about LG15, and how much of this blog is devoted to the criticism. Amazing while at the same time supporting a guy who has now started series THREE times only to stop completely, string the community along for months and years now, and then asked for support of another project.

    What a ship of fools.

  4. Even if you're not a Glen fan (which I don't know that I am, no offense to anyone) there is no harm in posting this on the blog. He was a part of the community and if community members are interested in what he has to say then why not post it?

    And no one can accuse me of saying anything negative about the Cs (I know you didn't accuse anyone else, but I'm stating that I'm on the side of LG15) because we all know I love them. This blog represents a variety of interests, some barely even LG15 related, but more Internet entertainment in general.

    As long as Glen doesn't say anything to harm the community I have no problem with his articles.

  5. "As long as Glen doesn't say anything to harm the community I have no problem with his articles."

    Every time he fakes out the community when they get invested in his series then drops them he harms the community.


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